Thursday, June 07, 2012

a daybook for june . . .

Today seems as good as any to sit for moment and ponder these questions for the month of June!

Outside my window... it's clear, sunny, and surprisingly cool for a June morning.  Neither high heat nor humidity have been very evident so far this month.  Not like they were in May!  In fact, one morning it was so cool, I turned the heat on to knock off the chill.  How often does that happen in Alabama in June?!?

I am thinking... about what a busy month this is going to be.  I looked at our (Todd's and my) collective calendar last night and couldn't find a blank day!  VBS and church block parties and women's prayer meetings and Camp MACOBA events and Ellie's baby dedication and several weddings and showers.  Somewhere in all of that, Todd and I will celebrate sixteen years of wedded bliss.  Well, we'll acknowledge it, anyway.  Celebrating may have to wait for July.  Or quite possibly fall.  

I am thankful... for those sweet sixteen years. 

From the learning rooms... I'm going to take the easy route and claim VBS here.  Since I'll be teaching grades 3-5, I'm having to do a lot of lesson prep!  Not just that, but tomorrow and Saturday I'll have to get my room in order, too.  Because we're such a young church start and funding is tight, we're doing last year's The Big Apple program, which is going to be fun!  The music is great -- Jeff Slaughter always does a marvelous job with VBS music -- and the props and decorating ideas are such fun.  I am thinking I'll put up bulletin board paper on all four walls and use a projector to draw city scenes on them.  For Monday's lesson, I've got a couple of guys enlisted to 'dramatize' the Scripture reading.  That always goes over well!  It'll be a fabulous week!

In the kitchen... not a whole lot happening there.  Or nothing new and exciting, anyway.

I am wearing... my pink, plaid, fuzzy, cozy bathrobe.  Which is exactly the same thing I was wearing the last time I wrote this out.  LOL! 

I am creating... a wide spectrum of things.  A doll quilt in blues for June's swap, a pillow hanging, a baby quilt for a July baby (which probably won't be ready until August -- the quilt, not the baby), a challenge piece for the guild, a customized scavenger hunt for our ladies to play with at a local shopping establishment, VBS this-and-that, a four-week Bible study for July . . . whew! 

I am going... to a VBS prayer meeting this morning and Todd and I are meeting some dear friends for dinner this evening.  Tomorrow, if I have all my work done, I may meet Kim and Sawyer at Jocelyn's and get in a little pool time!

I am wondering... what color bulletin board paper I'm going to get for the walls of my room.  I was thinking black on one side ... and then draw the buildings onto it with white chalk.  And then maybe blue and green (sky and grass) on one side ... and then something that includes water and the Statute of Liberty, since the Bible study takes place in "Battery Park", and the view is Ellis Island.

I am reading... the current Sunday School lesson out of LifeLessons.  This week's lesson is on commitment, which is rather timely, considering all that's going on for so many.  I'm also just finishing up a Kindle freebie ... Until Forever, which has been good, and I'm also reading Renee Swope's A Confident Heart.  I've got a stack of magazines that are waiting on me, too. 

I am hoping... for a productive day!

I am looking forward to... going to dinner at Rosie's tonight.  The couple we're meeting are the pastor and his wife of Lighthouse, our home/sending church.  We've known them nearly all our married life and it will be fun to catch up and just enjoy an evening together!

I am hearing... birds, birds, and more birds!  A hawk flew in earlier and sent everything scurrying, but things have settled back to normal.  I thought I heard a deer blow (it's a very distinctive sound), but when I turned around to look, I couldn't see anything, which doesn't mean anything but that I couldn't see through all the tree and bush camouflage!

[**Edited to update:  Evidently it was a deer ... Todd came upon one on the road below our site, and it ran up toward the RV, blowing at him as it went.  I was pretty sure that's what I heard!**]

Around the house... it's pretty quiet.  Todd's walking and it's just only me.  :)

I am pondering... the July Bible study content.  Pondering and praying over it.  I don't want it to be too heavy, but I also don't want it to be just fluff and void of relevant content.  I don't want us to be doing Bible study just for the sake of it, but because it's pertinent.  Ponder and prayer, ponder and prayer.

One of my favorite things... my Yellow Box flip flops!  I know it sounds silly in the scheme of things, but it has been two years since I could wear them (on both feet, anyway) and they are so comfortable and fun and they scream SUMMER!! [And, just as a side note, I have still not read my current issue of Tea Time Magazine (which I noted as my favorite thing last month).  Wow, what's wrong with that picture?!]

A few plans for the rest of the week... what's left of it!  I think I pretty much covered that in my above paragraphs.  I've got a couple of things still to check off my to-do list for the week.  I'd like to knock them out today so I'm freed up to splash and play a little tomorrow.  Saturday I'll be decorating and Saturday evening Todd and I are handing out VBS fliers.  Sunday will be Sunday School and worship, and then that afternoon we kick off our VBS with a huge party at the ballpark ... with a water slide!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... 
Todd and I took a little ride down to the pond last Sunday.  It was such a lovely (albeit breezy) day!  Because of the clouds directly over the tree line you wouldn't know how pretty a day it was if you couldn't see the blue sky in the pond's reflection. 
And I was delighted to find some Trumpet Vine blooming while we were down there ... it's the first time I've seen it on the camp property since we moved here!  It was another of those sweet little things that I thought I'd miss out on when we left Hunter Road.  God is so good!

I'm all linked up to the June Edition of The Simple Woman's Daybook, and also Katherine's Corner and her Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.  These are both definitely worth  checking out, lots of interesting folks and blogs, for sure!  Thanks for indulging me this happy Thursday!


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Jean said...

Be sure to take time to breathe in all that... You not only have a plate-full, but a full on buffet!

The pond looks inviting.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Lovely post and your photos are awesome and so serene ~thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

Teresa in Music City said...

Well sweetie... it's a shame you don't have anything to do LOL!!! Your month looks rich with all the right ingredients and in good measure too :*)

I know what you mean about the shoes. I had plantar fascitis (sp?) last year and could not wear anything but Birks for over a year. FINALLY, I was able to wear a pair of cute black sandals to Todd's wedding this past April! It was heaven to have something pretty & delicate on my feet!

Thanks for sharing this peek into your life - it is always a JOY!

Janet O. said...

With all you have going on, I am surprised you have time to write about it! You certainly keep your plate full and are always serving and doing good for others!

Sarah said...

Busy Busy Busy - I'm tired just reading all the good you do!

My fav flipflops come from Walmart, I think they are Brazilian. They are one piece of rubber and I like them because they don't have the "plugs" on the side for the straps that always bothered me. I, sadly, did not get a new pair this year. They seam to only carry 2 colors per year and I was not getting pink!

Barbara F. said...

Phew, Denise, can you squeeze in another little thing? Wow, I am impressed. Happy Anniversary to you and Todd. xo

Melissa said...

Your bible study sounds great. I am gathering thoughts and material to teach a class at my house of worship on releasing the beauty of the Lord back into His creation. heady stuff. I too am struggling with substance over fluff and not wanting to blow the minds of the attendees. There will be stuff to break off as well as stuff to lift up. Praying your message is seasoned just right and their ears are receptive.

Mary said...

You have a busy Month. Taking time to enjoy the simple things like the sounds outside -so nice! Lovely Pictures.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sometimes it's good to sit down and reflect on where we are and where we're going - you've done a great job of that. blessings, marlene

Hubba said...

I love reflecting, I need to take more time to do so. I'm a new follower from a blog hop and it would be great if you followed back at Thanks!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Denise, This really is a lovely post, and that photo of the pond is beautiful. You left me a very sweet comment way back in February. Today is the first day I'm back to visiting in Blogland and leaving comments. Our construction is done (thank goodness!). I just wanted to thank you so much for the kind words you left. Have a beautiful weekend! Paulette

Katherines Corner said...

beautiful photos, take in all that beauty and set your full plate aside my friend. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

Gmama Jane said...

I always love reading your posts. I know how much time you spend on preparing a lesson or an event. I'm confident your study will have just the right amount of fluff and substance!! I'm happy knowing you can wear flip flops too!! I was also going to check and see if you could carve out a day for stitching but doesn't look like I'll be so lucky. Perhaps July?

Jerralea said...

Happy Anniversary - June is a great anniversary month.

God bless your efforts at VBS. Willing workers such as yourself make all the difference!

I love your photos! Any photo with water in it is a favorite of mine, and I also love the trumpet vine.