Friday, June 15, 2012

plugging along . . .

I'm hanging in there ... each night I'm a little more worn out, though!  LOL!  I'm definitely feeling my "half century" age this week!  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  We had at least five professions of faith out of my class last night!  Whoooohoooo!!!!

Since our VBS is in the evenings, I am managing to get a little done during the day.  I finished up my doll swap quilt and got it off (and *completely* forgot to get a picture of it -- what was I thinking?!?!).  I'll have to hope my swap partner will take some photos for me!

Monday I spent time with Miss Ellie . . . 
Every time I see her, she's grown and doing something new!

Yesterday I spent time with Master Sawyer while his mommy and daddy headed out to see if he was having a baby brother or baby sister.  They know ... but they're not sharing yet.  Argh!!!!
He let me rock him to sleep at nap time ... so sweet!  I rewarded that sweetness with a freezer pop.  That's what grandmas are for, right??

I'm also working diligently on my challenge quilt, due next week. 
I'm having such fun playing with colors!
Luckily for me, it's pretty much a no-sew project.  My machine is acting up again.  Boo!

And a little heads up for anyone who hand quilts or appliques.  A friend in my guild highly recommended quilting needles from Jean S. Lyle (who also sells featherweight machines).  
I ordered some "Giant Eye" #11s and they are *wonderful*!  (I sang that in my head as I typed it -- that's how wonderful they are to work with!)  She also sells applique and straw needles, too.  Definitely worth checking out!

It's Friday and I'm outta here -- last night of VBS!!


6 left a comment . . .:

Jean said...

I think those are the needles I use to hand sew my Farmer's Wife blocks.

Sawyer's got it going on. There's nothing more gooder than an orange ice pop! YUM!

Janet O. said...

Large eye needles? How have I not known about these before?!?
You've got me curious about that challenge quilt--a rainbow?

Barbara F. said...

The grandbabies are so adorable and getting big. Thanks for the tip about the hummingbird feeders. Have a great weekend! xo

Mary said...

Love seeing Ellie grow and I always say that the gender of the BABY is the only 'real' secret there is left in this world of TMI! (Too Much Information) Yes, Grandmas are for fun snacks like freezer pops, jigglers and pudding cups.

Cathy said...

That is wonderful news, that the VBS is bearing fruit. WHat a joy that must be!

Lee said...

Love seeing those little darlings. Ellie is the bee's knees and Sawyer's expression is so 'oh my'. Booooo that your machine is acting up again, so not nice. Hope it doesn't have to go to the hospital.