Tuesday, August 02, 2011

already august . . .

Another month has passed and here it is August! Why is it when I'm finally wise enough (i.e., old enough) to appreciate the value of time, it passes by so very quickly?!

Today I'm linking up to the August edition of The Simple Woman's Daybook. If you have a moment, you ought to stop by and check out some of the other contributors.


Outside my window... The dawn's early light is just starting to break through. About a dozen squirrels have found their way down this morning and are, for the time being, quietly eating. I hear the call of the blue jays off in the distance -- they'll be in for breakfast soon. A cardinal or two flits in and out of my view, punctuating the soft light with their brights spots of red. Two chipmunks are up and about this morning, filling their little cheeks to near bursting, before darting off, back to their homes. I hear other birds, making their good morning calls, but everything else is still and quiet. Peaceful and serene ... oops, until the blue jay scout made his way into the picture!

I am thinking... About the potential today holds. I've need to get busy and work up my "to do" list for today. We've got VBS up at the camp today -- the last one -- and things need to be made ready for that. I'm thinking about my lesson for tonight.

I am thankful... That no matter the storm, I've got the rock solid LORD of the all creation to cling to. And even better than that? If I forget to cling, He's holding onto me.

From the learning rooms... I used to think this one didn't really apply to me, because I'm an empty-nester and my days of classroom teaching (so to speak) are long gone. But I got to thinking about it and realized I'm certainly not too old to learn new things, albeit not necessarily in a single learning room. I learned this weekend why the "clapboard" is used in filming scenes on video and why it's so important that the clapboard itself be both seen *and* heard. It's used later on to help them synch up the audio to the video. My son, who's a student at Full Sail University, shared this with me the other night.

In the kitchen... The Keurig is the only that's doing anything at the moment. Breakfast will soon be laid out. Something with English muffins so I can pull out the fig freezer jam I made over the weekend!

I am wearing... Still in my nightgown and slippers. And my fleece blanket.

I am creating... I'm working on my Christmas Star table topper, trying to get it quilted. I have a couple of small projects I want to work on this week, if there's time. I need to *create* a means to sort, store and easily get to my fabric stash, so I'm more inclined to use it instead of buying more!

I am going... To Emma's Tea Room for lunch today with a darling young woman from church. And then tonight Todd and I will head to Community Groups at my daughter's home.

I am wondering... I've been wondering a lot about this second, upcoming surgery, and whether or not it will do the trick. I know that it won't make me "good as new" which I've resigned myself to, but I can't help but wonder if it will take care of the constant, nagging pain I have with every step.

I am reading... As usual, a couple of things on my Kindle. I'm reading 40 Days without Food, by Russ Masterson, which is true account of one man's 40 day fast. I'm early into it, but so far it's very honest and interesting. I'm also reading a historical fiction, The Outsider: A Novel, by Ann H. Gabhart. It's a story about the Shaker community set during the Revolutionary War time frame. Both were Kindle freebies.

I am hoping... When I looked at this line today, immediately what came to mind were the inspired words found in Romans 3:3-5, and that's what I want to share here. And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

I am looking forward to... Lunch today, of course, and our groups meeting tonight. But really, I'm looking forward to a day when I don't have to 'go' anywhere. Tomorrow maybe?!

I am hearing... I'm singing a chorus in my head (which is punctuated by the blue jay's cries). Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God forever! Take my life and let it be, all for YOU and for Your glory. Take my life and let it be Yours!

Around the house... Things are feeling a little cluttered. It happens quickly when you live in an RV. If I don't stay on top of things, all of a sudden I feel like things are on top of me!

I am pondering... The difference between pondering and wondering. I guess if you're wondering about something, there's a question or speculation. And pondering is contemplating something finite? I'm not the only person who's pondered this, evidently, because I googled it and the question had already been asked!

One of my favorite things... The love of my darling husband, who's on his way home to me right now!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Later on this week I'm supposed to have lunch and some stitching time with a dear friend. I've got about an hour's worth of transcription to do, along with a few other ministry-related tasks. I really do want to get some sewing done, and I want to finish up getting the supplies for an upcoming CRAFT DAY with Jocelyn and Kim! Then on Saturday I've got a Stitch-In day with my Stitcher's group. Whoohoo! I'll be working on the blocks for our Civil War exchange.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Goodness gracious no, No, NO, that's not mine! It's my precious daughter's -- an new grandbaby on the way!!

I'm counting it *all* joy!


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Cathy said...

What a wonderful post! I felt as if I were sitting across the table from you, listening as you spoke. Although, at just past dawn, that isn't likely. LOL!

Gmama Jane said...

I love reading your blog. You are a very good writer and I always admire that quality in a person. I've been a reader and writer allmy life. Mama said I would get a new book and wanted to sit down 8right then* whereever i was and read it. Remember "Little Golden Books"?? I got one every time we walked to a local drugstore only 2 blocks from my childhood home. I was reading by age 3 so mama would take me for a wlk most everyday and I usually got a new book. My love of reading began at an early age. Then I *wrote* on paper..letters to everyone. I wasn't writing real words as early as I was reading but I knew what the scribbles were saying. So all that was said to help you have insight into my love of reading and writing. I do love to read your thoughts. I can't wait till Thursday. 11:00?? I have an appt. at 3:30 so we're good to go till then. I don't need to leave till 3:00.
Oh BTW, May I bring the children up next week sometime? I have the whole crew for the entire week since Jenda will be back in school.
it's Camp Grandmama Week!

Melanie said...

Hi, Denise~
I've enjoyed looking through your blog this morning. :)
Yay for a new grandbaby!
I'll be praying for you in your upcoming surgery.

Sarah said...

What wonderful news on a new little cousin for Sawyer (hope I got the family connections right)!!!! I'm sure everyone is thrilled if not anxious, according to Joc's blog.

Jan said...

Thank you for dropping by and introducing yourself and your encouraging comment.
It is such a joy to read your Daybook, your grateful heart shines through, and you have such a descriptive way with words, and it is lovely that you feel so free to share.
With love in Him, Jan

Marge at Living Little said...

Hi Denise,
Congratulations on the new baby-on-the-way! The tea room looks lovely and the salad on today's menu looks dee-lish.
I live in a park model. It's little but I love living little. Hugz!!