Friday, August 26, 2011

a kindle roll . . .

Okay, I'm on a roll here. A kindle roll. I made a startling discovery today. And perhaps *everybody* already knew all about this, but *I* didn't. And in the event there are others that didn't, I feel compelled to share!

I was perusing facebook today and noticed that both a friend and my daughter had "liked" the Amazon Kindle page. Since it's free and it's no skin off my nose to 'like' a page, I went ahead, clicked on the page name and clicked like.

Smartest move of the day.

One of the fans of the page had written a question about e-mailing files to her Kindle. And someone else commented back with detailed instructions.

What?!? I knew my kindle had an e-mail address, but I didn't know why (even though I just realized it says why). I didn't realize it was so I could e-mail it. Or that I could e-mail it files. PDF files - to READ! I hate reading anything of substance (more than ten pages) on my computer. The idea of being able to download a lengthy PDF to my Kindle to read is just amazing to me.

Bring up your menu and go to "Settings". If you tab over to the second page, you'll see "Device E-mail". Right under that you'll find your Kindle's very own e-mail address. All you have to do is compose an e-mail to your Kindle's address and attach whatever PDF file you want to read on your Kindle, and voila. I just opened up a whole new reading world for myself. Seriously.

Pretty darn cool.


4 expressed . . .:

Pat said...

I had forgotten we can do this with our Kindles. Thanks for the reminder and the directions.

Sarah said...

I haven't joined the kindle parade yet but I wonder if my SIL would like one of those kindle covers for christmas...where did you find the directions?

Judy D in WA said...

Doesn't it cost to send emails to the Kindle? I can't remember that...I just save them to my PC in a file I call "to be downloaded to the Kindle" and then I have to remember how to do that. :)

And where did you get the cute cover pattern???

Michelle said...

You didn't know that? It's perfect for long tutorials that you don't want to print out, but don't want to go onto the computer to follow.