Tuesday, August 09, 2011

craftily i go along . . .

Guess what came in the mail last week?!?

No, no ... not a diabetic coma in a bag. Five pounds of yellow, orange and white candy corn goodness!

Hmmm. I guess that *could* be considered a diabetic coma in a bag. But I'm not going to EAT it, I'm going to CRAFT with it!

Last year I saw this darling candy corn wreath in a Woman's Day magazine. The directions for it can still be found on their website, *HERE. And tips for keeping/preserving candy corn crafts *HERE. I made one in October for my then Secret Pal, who was a big candy corn fan.

This year, I'm getting an earlier start, and along with Joc & Kim, I'm going to make one for myself! We're having a craft day next week and we'll each make one to keep -- then Kim and I are making an extra one. I'm making my extra one as a raffle prize for the second annual Camp MACOBA Jamboree!

It was super-easy and looked so darling ... I can't wait to have one hanging on my own door! The only thing I'll change is that I'll use wider black ribbon this time, I think.

*Note: I had a hard time moving through the pages and links on the WD site. The links are close to a year old, so if you're interested, you might want to check them out sooner rather than later! I went ahead and printed the pages to a pdf file, so I've got them forever.

For today, I'm headed to the optometrist for a long overdue vision check today. I'm seriously considering contacts. After 24 years of wearing glasses (and 24 years of searching frantically for the place I last left my glasses), I want to *see* for myself if contacts make a difference! I'm a little anxious about putting something in my eyes. I know hundreds and thousands of people do it every day ... but they don't do it in MY eyes! I'll have a week to try them out before I commit.

Then, after that, Joc and I are meeting at Emma's Tea Room for lunch! Yay!


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Momof3girls said...

That is a cute wreath. How do you keep bugs away from it and the candy from getting nasty?

Don't get gas permeable contacts. You will feel those in your eyes. The soft ones aren't so bad. They just tear really easy, so you have to be extra careful with them. When the wind blows you also have to be careful about dust getting in your eyes. I wore glasses for most of my elementary years, then switched to contacts in high school. A few years after graduating, I had Lasik surgery done and love it. You might want to look into that and see if you are a candidate.

Sarah said...

I do agree that the CC Wreath is adorable and a mega-wide black ribbon will be the perfect change. Would like to hear more about how to preserve the candy.

I've had glasses since I was 11. I got contacts in my early 20's but eventually my doc told me to go back to glasses since I worked on and was taking classes on the computer all day. Glasses offered my eyes a chance to change focus now and then since I had to wear them from sun up to sundown. Contacts were a little scary at first altho I got used to them easy enough. At this point in life I have no desire to go back to contacts - I think it's kinda a status quo thing - don't mess with what works.

Jocelyn said...

Lunch was WONDERFUL! I plan on having another cup (small pot?) of caramel tea after community groups tonight. It was delish! And your contacts looked awesome! Love you :)

Love Bears All Things said...

Oh, I want to go too....
Lovely wreath, lots of gluing I suppose.
I've been wearing one contact for about 20 years now. It is for distance. I don't need reading glasses so I don't wear a contact in my other eye. I think you'll wonder why you waited so long.

Has anyone told you about the County Wide Card Workshop on Saturday at FBC Madison. We're making cards for soldiers to send home. You don't even have to be a card maker as the kits are ready and only require a little cutting and gluing.
Mama Bear

BarbC said...

What a cute wreath! My Mother loves Candy Corn. I think I will need to make her one of these.

Barb C.