Tuesday, August 30, 2011

another quilt along . . .

I did it -- I committed. I *need* to be committed for throwing my name in the hat for another project! But I've got fabric and I need to use it for something and this looks like it will be fun . . .

A quilt along, over at Moose on the Porch Quilts! It looks like fun and there's prizes involved and folks are already uploading their fabric selections on the group's Flickr site!

Anyway, it doesn't start until the end of September (you know, right about the time I'm having my foot surgery), so I've got plenty of time to psyche myself up for it to prepare! It takes 16 fat quarters worth of fabric, along with some other fabric requirements.

May I just inject here that "moose" always reminds me of Christmas -- and my son who used to collect them? He had all kinds of ornaments and decorations that were moose. I tend to associate moose with cold and Christmas. Christmas. CHRISTMAS! I have lots and LOTS of Christmas fabric -- but do I have 16 FQ's that will work together in Christmas?!?

Hmmm. It's sort of a hodge-podge mix, but I think I *might* be able to make it work.

Maybe. I may have to pull in some more blues. It's kind of tough when you don't know what you're piecing. There are actually 18 different fabrics pictured, and I've got a few more that aren't, so I think Christmassy is where I'm going with this one. Christmas Stars!

I did go ahead and sew my EQ August Amusement block together.

It got just a tad wonky down there in the bottom left corner, but it'll do. And it won't be an orphan; I figured out the perfect use for it! I'll sash it in that funky purple, and then set in on point in the orange and make it a companion pillow for my orange BOM!

I just love a happy ending!


3 left a comment . . .:

Sarah said...

I think another blue and another gold would be perfect. I agree that it's hard to pick when you don't know what to make...haven't even thought about mine yet...
The non-orphan block looks great! I think I got caught up on job#2 enough to squeeze in a little sewing tonight woot!woot!

Cathy said...

So now we both need to be committed for committing to something else. But, it should be fun, I hope.

Pat said...

Either pull in two more with blue in them OR take out the one blue it looks like you have and just stick with the 17 that would leave for you. I didn't realize you were going to have additional foot surgery. How did I miss that?