Monday, August 29, 2011

messing around . . .

Before I got EQ last year, I started following their blog, Do You EQ?, just to get a little insight into the software (and I think because I entered a giveaway to see if I could win a copy of it). I started paying attention to with a little more depth after I had gotten EQ7 for my birthday and subsequently realized that they posted blocks and fabric downloads! Then I realized that they also host a BOM that is also part contest . . . they post an EQ created block and you make it, send in a picture of it, and you get an entry to win whatever the prize of the month is. This month it's a copy of Digital Essentials.

The BOM block for this month was August Amusement, and several different colorways for it can be found HERE. When I first saw the block (especially the layout of the third colorway they provided), I thought it would look really pretty in the colors I'm using for my P&S BOM, and so that's what I've been playing with today . . .

It's just bits and pieces right now. And it looks very, very similar in style to the candle mat I just finished piecing! Perhaps there's something about those straight strips and big centers that appeals to me?

I tried other combinations too -- but the lighter batik just washed away. Whether or not I'll sew it all together is another story. Ha! I probably will, just so I can have another orphan block just lying around. Ha! again. I really think I'd like this block doubled in size, so I really could use it for table topper. The nice thing about EQ is that I can take that same block, change the dimensions, and get the correcting rotary cutting instructions for the new size! Ha HA!

One last photo . . . our outgoing guild president was so sweet. She made each lady who'd served on the board with her one of these cute little pincushions! I was very touched that she included me, especially since I was just there at the very tail end of her presidency!

Isn't it darling? I've been using the sundae dish for thread and fabric scraps -- pretty convenient and it looks fun, too.

Ah well, enough is enough. I need to get moving on this week's to-do list! And y'all need to head on over to Judy LaQuidara's Patchwork Times and check out the creativity flowing all over the place on Design Wall Monday!


3 expressed . . .:

Sarah said...

The EQ block looks great. Go ahead and finish it for your "orphan box" - someday you can make an orphan quilt like Bonnie. Hide them between the mattresses if there is no drawer space :)

Cathy said...

I'm loin' this block. Another one that would make a great quilt. I think you should sew it together, and maybe, you could always make a pillow out of it. Or a mat for a flower vase, or something like that.

Gari said...

I love your "block" and your color combination is right up my alley. I wanted to do this BOM/challenge but am over my head with BOMs this year. I think I will try next year as I need to use EQ more so I can get better with it.