Friday, August 19, 2011

worn . . .

Up, out and down! I'm at least three or four posts behind, but I've been so busy with just regular life stuff and then helping my darling husband get ready for a very big and important conference tomorrow. Whew! He's gone on to the faculty meeting and together we'll head over there very, very early in the morning!

As soon as that's finished up, our priorities will turn quickly to the second annual Fall Jamboree!

Truth be told, we've already been working on it, of course, but starting next week, we're full steam ahead! I'm really excited about it -- we've got live music, more kids activities, and the food will be provided by an outside source! It will be a *great* morning at the Camp!

We've also been really busy with our church. Last Sunday service, James led our worship and he brought Kim and Sawyer. Joc, Amberley and I kept nursery . . .

Okay, so we're not your typical church so it's not your typical nursery! He is so, SO cute!

Monday, Joc, Kim and I got together to work on our Candy Corn Wreaths. I have a whole post to put together for it, too, but figured I'd leave you with this little teaser . . .

Don't they look fun?!? I made two -- one for me and one as a door prize for the Jamboree! I'd thought about using one as a giveaway item for my blog -- I'm coming up on 600 posts in the not-too-distant future! But I'm afraid it wouldn't ship well. I'll have to come up with something else. Any thoughts?!?

Of course Sawyer was present for our craft day get-together, too. He is such a little darling -- and quite the ham, too! I'd say, "Where's Sawyer?" And he'd cover his eyes until I said, "Peek-a-boo!" And he'd fling his arms wide open as if to say, "Tah-dah! Here I am!!"

He *melts* my heart. Oooh -- and that was the day I heard him say, "Neesey" for the first time!!! Color this grandma excited!

Tuesday night was Community Groups (church) ... Wednesday night I picked up some videos and a VCR and dropped off some quilts and stuff ... last night was the last official guild meeting of the 2010-2011 year and I'm now officially on the new board. Whoohoo!



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Love Bears All Things said...

You are a busy lady...I'll try to make a quilt guild meeting soon. I spoke with Mary about it and I can go over and ride with them.
Like the looks of the Fall day in September...perhaps Jim and I will come out. Give us a chance to see the camp, listen to some music and eat barbecue.
Mama Bear

Cathy said...

Sounds like you are having a busy, extremely fulfilling time. Do you have your church meeting in someone's home? Sawyer looks just as charming as ever, and hearing him say your name for the first time has to be way up there with the joy of hearing your children saying "mama" for the first time. So much to look forward to.