Wednesday, August 10, 2011

busy bee . . .

Everything yesterday went very well. My eye appointment was terrific and I walked out of the eye care place sporting a pair of contacts and much improved vision! The improved vision wasn't as much from the contacts as it was getting my prescription updated. Evidently your vision can change significantly over a five year period. Hehe. The only down side to contacts for me is that my near vision is fine, and I have to take my glasses off to read. Which means if I'm wearing contacts, I have to put glasses *on* to read. I just traded in one pair of glasses for another. LOL! Hmmm ... I'm not so sure that's really all that funny.

It's baby, baby, baby time out here in the back center. We had a new family of raccoons visit us this week -- this little group has three babies!

It's so fun to watch them waddle after their mama. Only one of the babies was brave enough to actually get into the water, after Mama got out. The other two looked on, but stayed dry. Todd and I have fallen into calling the big group of downed trees back there "the apartment complex", because of the small opening at the bottom, center. The coons come in and out of this opening, like it's their home. As mom followed the corn down near the opening, the babies ran in and out playing and tumbling around. Quite darling!

And I was finally able to capture a good shot of some of the new fawns! They are so sweet, but still very timid about being out in the open. They don't stray too far from mama doe, yet. I think this may have been the first time they'd had a close encounter with the raccoons, though. The deer and the coons don't mind each other too much (whereas the deer will chase off a cat if they see one). One of the babies came sniffing around the raccoon trying to figure it out. The raccoon just kept on eating. No worries for him!

I've got my July BOM cut and ready to piece together. The bottom one was pretty straight-forward, but I'm playing around with color options for the top one. I don't have to turn them in until Saturday, so I've got a little time to play. This is the last turn-in for this BOM -- I'm *so* proud of myself for not having to use my Ooops! card! I may use it on Saturday, even though my blocks will be finished!

Busy, busy day today -- off to have a turnover meeting with the current editor of the guild's newsletter, then to JoAnn's for some craft supplies, a quick trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and then I'm headed to Jocelyn's to help her with the new sewing machine and get her started on a darling wreath project she wants to make from Jones Design Company.

I should probably ... get moving!


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Cathy said...

Your blocks look wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing it all put together. Hope you have a good day today. 'm back to work today after a couple of days off.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new glasses LOL!

You certainly have a great view of all the little ones! I'm glad they are in your yard and not wrecking havoc in mine. Want some fluffy squirrels?

Pat said...

Love your animal photos. I, too, am so overdue for an eye exam and new glasses. It just seems like there is never a good time to do that (and to spend the money on the new "specs"). *sigh*

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like you need to do like me and wear only one contact.
Loved the baby pictures.
Mama Bear

Kim P. said...

I am in love with that wreath that you guys are doing (did do?)! Tell me how it goes...I may have to be a copy cat. :)