Sunday, August 28, 2011

it's been too long . . .

Time for some Sawyer pics!

I got to spend a bit of time with the little man last night. I was there for dinner time, bath time, and bed time -- all of which are sweet, sweet, sweet! (I'm not going to apologize -- just acknowledge -- the poor photo quality. I had my phone for a camera; you make do with what you have.)

He's such a little ham (even though what he's eating is chicken). He cracked me up -- I'd give him some chicken nugget--dipped in ketchup--and he'd lick off the ketchup and set the nugget aside. Silly boy!

He did NOT like lima beans. Well, let me rephrase that. He did not like EATING lima beans. He did enjoy squishing them through his fingers. Heh.

He loved the sound talking through the tube made, though he had a tough time getting the right end of the tube to his mouth. He tried!

I *tired* to get a halfway decent photo of the two of us.

That's easier said than done, with a squiggly 18-month old, one hand and a camera phone. For this one picture, know that there were about 25 other attempts. Not pretty. Trust me.

He's become quite the little fish in the tub. He was quick to get on his tummy and kick and splash away, just having a blast!

We did have one teary-in-the-tub moment. I'd soaped up his hair and then, as one is wont to do with a baby, I gave him a Kewpie doll-doo.

There was no problem until he caught a look at himself in the tub mirror. He was *very* upset and made it very evident (by taking his hand and smashing down his hair) that he DOES NOT like the Kewpie doll look. I had to laugh! He's already VAIN! LOL!

Friday's trip to the post office box yielded my September/October issue of Tea Time!!!

I've not opened it. YET. Since Todd's on shift today, instead of a Sunday nap, I'm going to curl up with a cup of Pumpkin Spice tea and my favorite magazine and enjoy the afternoon! And just in case you're wondering, yes, I did bring six full place settings of my Lenox Kelly china to the RV. Hey -- just because we're living the RV life doesn't mean we can't be civilized!


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Barbara F. said...

Love this post! Sawyer is a cutie patootie, and I loved his kewpie doll 'do! I think it is great that you have your Lenox with you. If I was living in a teepee, I would have my Lenox with me too. xo

Barbara said...

Fun times. i hope one day I'll be able to babysit my grandson and goof around and take lots of pictures.

Cathy said...

He is just so cute!!!!! I love bath tub pictures, even though they horrify my son. I had some of him, and he went and got rid of them all. That;s o good thing about digitals, they are a lot harder to get rid of, by someone who doesn't want his baby-hood coming back to haunt him, I love hearing about all your different teas. Where do you get them from? Is it loose tea, or bags? I think there is something about drinking tea from good china cups and tea pot, it tastes way better, for some reason.

Pat said...

What a cutie and how FUNNY about him not liking a Cupie Doll hairstyle!!!

Asiyah said...

Talk about making memories...this is too cute! You'll have the Kewpie Doll story to share with Sawyer forever.

Paula said...

That was just adorable. Love the Kewpie doll look. LOL. Boy, he sure is growing fast. Such a little man and so vain!
Yes, we all need our good china where ever we are, even if it is a fox hole! Good for you. Now can I try some of that tea?

Sarah said...

My nephews had a thing for ketchup over the actual meal. Is that a boy thing? And as usual you got the tea time mag before we do up north - looking forward to see it. Oh and that pumpkin spice tea sounds great