Thursday, May 03, 2012

may's daybook . . .

As I went to type in my title, I typed, "april's daybook", which is an apt commentary on how far behind I've gotten!

Outside my window... it's rather grey this morning.  Not surprising since the chance of rain is over ninety percent.

I am thinking... about my folks visit this coming week and what all we're going to do!  I can't wait; it's been over a year since I've seen my mom and dad and I'm really looking forward to their visit.  Plus this will be their introduction to Miss Eleanor!

I am thankful... for my sweet, sweet husband.  He's such a marvelous provider and friend. 

From the learning rooms... stitches.  I want to broaden my horizon on embroidery stitches!

In the kitchen... I've been working very diligently on South Beach recipes.  We've just moved into Phase 2 and that opens up some new (and very welcomed) possibilities.  I made a SB meatloaf recipe last night, and I'm going to make some soup for tomorrow.

I am wearing... my pink, plaid, fuzzy, cozy bathrobe.  And happy about it, too!  :) 

I am creating... not near enough lately.  I finished up a doll swap quilt and am not trying to decide what I want to do for May.  I spend several hours in my quilt room yesterday putting fabrics and tools back where they belong.  I have a tough time creating when my space is not in order.

I am going... all over the place today.  I'm headed to my weekly bookkeeping job, then to weigh in at my doctor's office (I hope he's pleased...I'm down 16.1 pounds as of this morning...whoohoo!), then to spend the day with Miss Ellie and Jocelyn, and I'm topping it off with some Neesey and Sawyer time.  Whew!

I am wondering... what I'm wondering about.  LOL!  Seriously, I sat here for about ten minutes trying to figure it out.  Guess that answers the question huh?!

I am reading... the Bible study and accompanying Bible text to James:  Mercy Triumphs.  I'm in Week 5 and it's a *terrific* study.  It is from the book of James that my blog name comes from.  I'm also reading a kindle freebie, but I can't remember the title -- it's by Dee Henderson, and I've always enjoyed her work.  I'm also reading anonymous, by Alicia Britt Chole.  I won it in a giveaway on Women's 

I am hoping... nothing interferes with my parent's trip and that the doctor is pleased with my progress today!

I am looking forward to... taking my mom to tea at Emma's with all the girls!

I am hearing... birds, squirrels and believe it or not, the air conditioner has already kicked on this morning!

Around the house... it's quiet (except for the A/C).  Todd's already headed out for work.  It's just only me.  :)

I am pondering... when James (the Lord's half brother and the author of the book of James) figured out that Jesus was really the Messiah.  My Bible study partner and I have been talking about that.  We know, based on Scripture, that he did NOT believe during Jesus' ministry on earth ... but when that changed is not apparent.  And I wonder not just when, but what happened that opened his eyes to the truth?!

One of my favorite things... Tea Time Magazine!  I've got the new issue sitting here and I've not opened it up yet. Crazy, right?!  I'll remedy that very soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week... some housekeeping, some ministry work, getting ready for company, and finishing up a quilt!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Like I could just share one... and just think, in another five months or so, there will be three pics!  Ha!  :)

I'm all linked up to the May Edition of The Simple Woman's Daybook, and also Katherine's Corner and her Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.  These are both definitely worth  checking out, lots of interesting folks and blogs, for sure!  Have a happy May Thursday!


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Have a blessed day.

Sarah said...

It's always nice to pop in and get a peek at where your mind/life is at, especially remembering what you said last month. And did it get to be May already???

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Where is the year going?? It has flown by. My hubby says, It will be Christmas before you know it!!

Janet O. said...

I think I am stuck in April, too.
I hope all goes well for your parents' visit. Those are special times.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh what a lovely thing it is to have family & loved ones visit.. especially when it has been a long time between visits! Hope your visit is a perfect one! I love the way you share tidbits of your life in this way. I am also straightening up my sewing studio this morning! I have friends coming to sew tomorrow and I want them to be able to at least forge a path to the sewing table :*)

Mary said...

Take time to Breathe and enjoy! 16 # down, Good Job. Hugs for the parents coming.

Connie said...

Have a wonderful day and congrats on the weight loss!

Pat said...

Love the two photos you posted! Enjoy your parents' visit!

Katherines Corner said...

busy, busy, busy...take time to breathe. Smile and oh please take more photos of those cuties. Hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun xo