Friday, April 30, 2010

double winner!

What a lucky girl I am!! Well, I'm certainly a blessed girl, all the time. But this week, I've been *lucky* too!!!

On Thursday of last week, Sinta from Pink Pincushion, e-mailed me to say I'd won her blogiversary giveaway! I was so excited! And she was fast, too . . . I had that package on TUESDAY! (She did a lot better getting her stuff out, than I did mine! LOL!) I really *wish* I could show you pictures of what she sent, but, alas . . . no camera. But you can click HERE and see what she offered/sent! It was some really fun, fun, fun stuff!!! The tea towels are so cute and already hanging in my kitchen. What a great idea for a hostess gift! The Artful Blogging magazine is fascinating. I'd never heard of it before and I don't know why. It's full of beautiful images! And I love the darling little thread spools . . . I'll find a way to incorporate them into my decor!

Lucky, non? Oiu!! But wait, there's MORE!

On Tuesday, Mel from Mel's Own Place, e-mailed me to say I'd won *her* giveaway, too!! She had a shop hop giveaway (see HERE), and I was the lucky recipient of a darling charm pack of Tweet Tweet by Keiki! You can see it in her post HERE! While you're there, you really should read about her adventures in shop-hopping! She's a lot of fun to read.

So. I'm a lucky girl! Add to all that, it's FRIDAY!!! Yeay! I'm thankful, too!


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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow congrats! What fun prizes.

Quilt Hollow said...

Double congrats to step out and grab that lottery ticket!!