Friday, April 02, 2010

random thoughts . . .

Quilting. Does anyone subscribe to The Quilt Show? One of my kids gave me a gift subscription to it for my birthday, and I've really enjoyed watching the shows (at my leisure) and flipping through their website. They have a freebie membership, too, which was enough to make me want a full-benefit membership! I'd love to hear your feedback on this site . . . and others out there. What online quilting websites are your favorites? This is a call for FEEDBACK! :) That's all the quilting I've got for now. Perhaps I can muster something over the weekend; I seem to start more and more and finish less and less!

I've shared more than once that I'm a cat lover . . . have you ever seen the You Tube video, Kittens! Inspired by Kittens!? It's *so* funny. Of course, I'm easily amused, so there you have it. My daughter shared it with me and whenever I find myself in need of amusement, I flip over there real quick . . .

Finally, the magnificent seven made their way back up to the campsite last night! They arrived just at dusk, with a guest (which I guess makes them the magnificent eight, but that doesn't sound right), and tentatively ate through the corn patches. Then two more came up from the backside, so it was a pretty full house. We had opened the windows earlier to air out/cool out the RV, and I think they got wind of us, but because they couldn't see us (we turned the lights off) or hear us (we were super-silent), they stuck it out. Yay! The boys (and girls) are back in town! And Todd said he believes at least one of the does is pregnant!

We then slept with the RV windows open, for the first time EVER! We moved into it in mid-November, so to our defense, the weather hasn't really lent itself to open-windows until just recently. It was so nice! But, there was on little, teensy drawback . . .

Evidently, raccoons are very CHATTY when they're hitting up your bird feeders and throwing 'em to the ground. Mind you, we didn't hear the bird feeder actually hitting the ground, just the raccoons talking back and forth. Very verbal critters, they are! Not that this will keep us from having windows open; it just may not be the windows that are right at the head of the bed, directly across from the one bird feeder the raccoons disarm!

I had lunch today with Laura Patrick, the author of the book I gave away in my giveaway. She's really a neat person. As are her children, particularly her daughter. Her sweet little girl is in fourth grade and loves quilting! She's even taking lessons at school! We ate at Po' Boys, a Cajun restaurant in the Five Points area. It was a lot of fun and the food was good.

Tomorrow Todd & I are heading over the old homestead to do a little more prep work towards putting it up on the market. Easter Sunday will be a quiet celebration; both our children are doing Easter dinner with their in-laws . . . I think this is a first! I'll make a couple of token jello eggs, hard-boiled eggs, and some lamb chops for the two of us; perhaps we'll celebrate picnic style, down by the pond, where we can relax and appreciate all of God's goodness!

Tonight I'm going to . . . take lots of pictures and post them later!


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Pam in Texas said...

I have a subscription, but cannot get the shows to play. My connection is too slow. That's one of the downers of living in a small town...but I love it!