Wednesday, April 14, 2010

roughing it . . .

No. This is not a 'wilderness' post. This is a dieting post. 'Nuff said? :)

This is day five. I'm pretty excited about that. Five days without sugar and starches? Five days without any real chocolate?!? {Sugar-free fudgsicles do NOT count as real chocolate.} I'm actually quite darn PROUD of myself! It has not been too difficult, although there have been some wishful moments . . .

Todd's been gracious enough, for these first two weeks, to do without pasta/rice/potatoes with his dinners, so that I don't have to cook them but not eat them. In a compromise, I've gone ahead and prepared a bread for him. Saturday night, when he was mopping up his plate with a roll, I was a little envious!

On Monday we were going to go out to breakfast to Cracker Barrel, which I know is a carb-conscious friendly restaurant. Their power was out (????) so we went to Blue Plate Diner instead. Ummm, this place is NOT dieting friendly AT ALL!! I had an omelet stuffed with veggies, which was very good, but Todd's breakfast came with a biscuit (and pancakes and hash brown casserole), which I just *love*! I was seriously envious that day.

Okay. Just the fact that I'm envious of bread tells me I'm taking the right steps by eliminating them from my diet temporarily, to get my cravings {addiction} under control.

Today, back to day five, is a little tougher. It hasn't been a difficult day work-wise, but I am *really* battling the cravings! It would be SO very easy for me to put two quarters in the snack machine (which sits around the corner, less than ten feet away) and pull out a Dove Bar or Cheetos (or both). And I'm here. At work. Stuck. I can't run from the MACHINE!

But then I pull up pictures of my precious Sawyer, grin to beat the band, feel a little moisture gather at the corners of my eyes, and get it back under control.

Because he's worth it. And so am I.


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Vivian said...

You go girl. Even though I am not overweight, bread and chocolate are my downfall. Any of it I eat goes straight to my stomach area. So I am steering away from them also. At first, it was very hard, but it gets easier in time. Stick with it. A few months from now, you'll be amazed at how you feel.