Friday, April 23, 2010

photo-less friday . . .

Or rather, less *my* photos. Pooh on broken cameras. (But Yeay! for extended warranties so they can be in the shop getting fixed!)

But *if* I'd had a camera with me this week, here are some things you might have seen in my blog:

A darling surprise in the form of wood azaleas, which dot the road into the camp and through the gate. I stopped and grabbed some blooms to adorn my table. They smell so good!

These are just another of those things (well, azaleas in general) I thought I'd given up by moving from my house to the camp. God is good!

It wasn't near as pretty as this goat is, but it was far funnier! At the other end of the road leading to the camp, a neighbor's goat had escaped from its pen, had crossed the road, and was trimming the grass around the Camp MACOBA sign!

I guess now I know the answer to, "Why did the goat cross the road?" To do a little yard work! (Or perhaps that grass was just greener!)

And *if* I'd been quick enough, you'd have seen the photo of the cardinal, blue jay, and goldfinch together in the feeder. I couldn't find a picture with just the three. Work with me here!

A few other pictures I might have posted?

--Two fox squirrels cavorting together through the woods and into the meadow. I'm pretty sure they were *twitterpated*.

--The marvelous canopy of trees which cover the entrance and drive into the camp! It's simply glorious!

--The sight of the newly "leafed" trees out our picture window. That beautiful, 'new green' color has just filled the landscape and completely transformed it!

--Comparison photos out of our picture window from fall, winter and spring. It amazes how incredibly different they all are, and how immensely beautiful each is in its own right. I will enjoy seeing how the maturing of summer changes it once again. Ah, the joys of living in a place that has four distinct seasons!

--My darling little wilderness home all cleaned and tidy, ready for my darling man to come home to it.

--My bags packed and ready to hit the ROAD to GEORGIA!

Hmmm, but I *can* share a photo my son took of my precious grandbaby (which would have been my preference anyway) . . .

He smiles!!!

Ciao, baby!


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Rachel's Quilts said...

Adorable! Isn't it great when they start to smile.