Thursday, April 15, 2010

stash busting for a good cause aka Fabrics For Fall . . .

I don't think the amount of my *stash* is out of control. But the storage of it certainly *is* out of control, as can be seen . . .
At one point, just before we moved into the RV, I had a bit of a system going. You can sort of make it out in this one . . .
See?? On the bottom there? Everything was folded nicely and at one point, I think I even had some color system working. All my charm packs are {were} even nicely stacked together. All-in-all, it was an okay system, especially since I knew this was for RV living and had to be compact

I'm not sure when it grew out of control . . .
But I know I need to regain some semblance of order, so I can easily find things like all the pretty shades of orange fat quarters I impulsively collected this past fall . . .
Chances are pretty good that there are *some* -- like maybe two, possibly three, or perhaps a dozen (?!?!) fat quarters in the bin o'fabrics I don't really need or even LIKE!

Can you imagine such a thing?
I'm pretty sure most of you can!

I have a solution. One that will help bust my stash, take care of some of the clutter, AND do a really nice thing for a really good cause.

My friend over at Seams Sew Simple posted about it earlier this week. She is an educator and she's been working, along with other teachers, coaching teachers on different Indian reservations. Lately she's been working at the Rosebud Indian Reservation and has met a Lakota woman, Marion, who really has a heart for her students and will be working to teach them fabric crafts in the fall. Funding being what it is, fabric will be very hard to come by. DocSly has come up with "Fabrics For Fall," a different kind of giveaway . . . one where you giveaway some fabric to help others.

Can you spare a couple of fat quarters? Who knows what a difference in might make in the life of a young student (or better yet, students)?!?!?

The address to send your fat quarters to is:

Marion Running Horse
PO Box 379
St Francis, South Dakota 57572-0379

To read the original DocSly post (which has more detail), click HERE.

Piece & goodwill!


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solomi558 said...

just like mine and I guess lots of other people.s too--cottonreel

DocSly said...

Thanks, Denise. I know the students will appreciate what we send.