Monday, April 12, 2010

living in the 1

Not that this is the first day we're living in the wilderness.

Not that we're really living *in* the wilderness. Just the woods. Acres and acres of woods: 109 to be exact.

So it's not our first day, it's more like our 150th day (to be exact). And there are some things I've come to realize that I feel compelled to share.

We have water and electricity. And that's about it. No cable, no phone (except for cell) and no Internet.

Don't think I didn't hear that collective gasp when I said no Internet. I made that very same gasp when I first thought about it! The phone lines, the cable TV I can live without. No Internet? Oh the HORROR!

It's okay. We do have Internet up here. Just not the way most folks get it. We don't have cable, DSL or even the primitive dial up (remember, no phone lines). What we do have is a little credit card sized wireless modem. Through Verizon.

It works pretty darn good, but it has its limits. Both in the speeds it processes and the amount of data I can upload/download in a given month without incurring excessive overage fees.

Uh oh.

You don't think about how many megabytes your blogger pictures are, you just upload 'em, right? Just watch whatever you want on You Tube or Hulu! Download your e-mail to you laptop and then turn around a send a BILLION pictures of the most *darling* grandson in the whole world ever. Ummm, nope. Not any more!

It's why, typically, my posts are photo-less on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Because I'm home using the cc modem, and not wanting to incur those pesky (hefty) additional charges (again).

So. That's one thing about living in the wilderness. You really shouldn't upload pictures to your blog. (I know, it makes me laugh too!) Tomorrow, I'll share something else. With pictures.

Hasta manana!


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