Thursday, April 29, 2010


I really miss my camera!

As I pulled into the camp ground tonight, Todd warned me that if I didn't want to hear the raccoons squabbling tonight, I'd better get some corn/seed out before dark! They have been incorrigible the past few nights, chatting *so* loudly they woke us up! They are incredibly obnoxious when they find there's no filled birdfeeders for them to ransack. So I dropped off my stuff (and opened up windows to 'unstuff' the RV) and headed out to spread corn, birdseed, and peanut butter!! The peanut butter is my favorite. We mix cheap, creamy peanut butter with corn meal, pecan meal, and oat flour. Then we spread it on the tree bark. The woodpeckers, nut hatches and (my favorites) the wrens, love it! But the raccoons do, too . . . they lick it completely off the bark! I wish we had an infrared camera so I could watch them!

I noted that the doves moved in as soon as I'd finished setting out feed. I think they were watching me from the tree limbs.

The raccoons tend to move in just after dark, but the deer have already made it up ... at least a group of three have. We saw a group of three this morning, too. It may be the same three. We've been hearing whip-poor-wills the past couple of evenings, too. They definitely tell on themselves (in that there's no mistaking what kind of bird they are). I've heard them, but never seen them, so I looked them up in the bird book. Very nondescript! And nocturnal, to boot.

The (gray) squirrels are just a chattering away up in the trees. Fussing at something or another. I did see the big fox squirrel as I pulled up. He flew away when he caught sight of me!

Todd & I have both, finally, seen chipmunks up here! We'd seen them in the lower part of the camp, but never up here at the RV site. Yay, they made it!!

We've got a work day up here this weekend, but I think the weather is going to do us in. One of the things we've got to do is prepare the permanent site for the RV. The new site isn't far, but it is out of the designated camping area, which is nice. I enjoy the campers, but our big, white monstrosity out in the middle of their tents (and at best, a pop-up camper) kind of takes away from the primitive feel for them!

The utilities came today and dropped off line to hook up the new site. Also some early work day volunteers came up and mowed and trimmed around the pond. It looked very nice as I came home!

This is my 397th post. Wow.

Bon nuit!


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