Thursday, April 22, 2010

this and that . . .

I haven't referenced my new, healthy lifestyle in several days, and I think it's worth a mention. I'm so excited at how relatively easy it's been! I think, for me, the no sugar, no breads (starches) has really paid off in these first two weeks. The cravings have noticeably gotten less maddening, and the time between them increases. Yes!! The vending machine has not had any pull on me this week, even when I was stressed. That, my friends, is of God! As is the weight loss . . . and it's happening! Whoohoo! That's definitely His; I'm giving Him the glory for it all.

Speaking of which, I shared a couple of weeks ago my desire to be involved with the women's ministry at our church. Sure enough, they brought me on board. And what's first?? I had to laugh, God does have such a sense of humor . . . they asked me to lead or co-lead a Bible study on weight loss! I'm not quite sure what it's called; just that I've been called. :)

My camera broke. Pooh. Luckily, when we bought it, we went ahead and got the extended warranty! So Tuesday evening I ran it over to Best Buy, where they told me it would be 2-3 weeks before I'd get it back. Pooh again. There have been so many things I'd have gotten pictures of in the past couple of days! Yesterday morning, for example, in the platform bird feeder out the picture window, there was a blue jay, a cardinal, and a goldfinch! All *three* primary colors in one feeder!! That is incredibly rare and I would have loved to have shared the moment with you. Alas.

I also *really* wanted to take it with me this weekend!!! Joc and I are going on a ROAD TRIP!! Tomorrow evening we're headed to Woodstock, Georgia (right outside of Atlanta) for a Beth Moore conference, So Long Insecurity! I have *never* been to a live Bible study of hers--although she did make a personal appearance with Kay Arthur and Priscilla Shirer when we went to see a simulcast of them--but this is *different*! I believe she is filming this one for a new weekend Bible study. Yay!

The event itself is long sold out, according the website, but it's being simulcast all over the place. Joc & I are going down Friday night and staying overnight so that we can be out there bright and early when the doors open, so we can get great seats! I'm so very excited. I got the book when it was released and read a long through it with the LPM's Blog Bible study.

So anyway, big things planned, no camera to post photos, life goes on . . .


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BarbC said...

How was the Beth Moore conference? I am sure it was great. I have never seen her in person, but have done a number of her studies. In fact, she, Priscilla and Kay have a new one coming out in a week called Abundant, Faithful and True. It is based on a Deeper Still Conference they did last year. The video is from that conference. I am thinking about teaching it this summer at my church. It is only 7 weeks long (6 weeks of homework) and the HW is a bit lighter than a typical study. I am hoping to get not only the Bible study regulars, but maybe some college girls and some teachers who have the summer off. If I could lead or participate in Bible studies and quilt and read all the time, I would be one happy camper!