Friday, April 16, 2010

living in the wilderness . . . day 3

Remember all the gravel, dirt, and leaves I was talking about a couple of days ago? Sometimes I feel like it's all gradually making its way from the forest to my RV floor! And, because I'm a barefoot person (I really prefer to walk around with no shoes or socks), and the main portion of our RV is floored in linoleum, I am *VERY* aware when the dirt, gravel and leaves have invaded.

Ick. I cringe a little just thinking about it. I don't mind walking on dirt OUTSIDE. Where it belongs. I just don't like the feel of it INSIDE. Where it wants to be.

It typically doesn't *look* bad. We have that color linoleum that blends very nicely with, well, dirt! But it feels _awful_ and makes me walk funny. So. These two are my biggest co-fighters of dirt crimes . . .

The broom, with his trusty cohort, the dustpan . . .

and . . .

My handy-dandy central vacuum system, with a toe-kick for sweeping dirt and dust into! I *love* this feature!

Now you may wonder why I need a dust pan, when I've got this nifty 'sweep and suck' system at my disposal. Unfortunately, that sweep and suck system only works on the first floor. And the master bathroom, which also has a linoleum floor, is on the second floor. Hence the dust pan.

I've tried to minimize the creeping dirt & leaves. I've got a throw rug at the door and at the base of the steps, we've got a lovely (pink) mat . . .

But the lovely (pink) mat is no match for leaves and dirt. No matter how frequently I sweep it, Mr. Wind blows the offensive material back in the way. And I think my throw rug repels dirt and leaves instead of clinging to it.

Luckily, there's not too much opportunity for dirt to cling to my shoes, as I don't have too far to walk from car to door . . .

And don't laugh, but when it's raining, I can actually pull up under the awning and stay dry. And if the awnings not out when I get home? It has a remote. It stays in my car!

Okay. You can laugh at that. Seeing as how I *do* live in the wilderness.

And finally, my wilderness is going green!

Tonight we have more campers coming in for an overnighter. These are older boys (10th-12th grade), and their leader is planning on putting them to work! Should be fun stuff.

Have a GREAT weekend! Tomorrow I'm quilting and I'll share some photos from our guild meeting last night--wonderful speaker/teacher!


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Quilt Hollow said...

Hey has been way too long since I checked in here and just read many post...bit confused about your living in wilderness in RV? But did want to comment on the no breads, starches, sugars....I hear you! I've done the same thing for the past two weeks and when I read you watched hubby sop up his plate....I know what your going through. I pass the chocolates in the pretty little container everyday..bunchs of times. I'm being pitfall and must admit better is those darned lattes and frapps! Will power with some hard walking is paying off. I was pleased to see 128 on the scale today. Still want to lose 10 more and get back to where I was four years ago when we left England. You may think 128 is reasonable...not when I'm shaped like a pear!

Asiyah said...

A central vacuum system? Do they install those in houses, lol?

That's pretty neat though. More and more I am looking forward to getting an RV.