Sunday, April 04, 2010

paisleys and stripes and flowers...oh MY!

So. Waaaaay back in March, Monday the twenty-second, to be exact, I showed you a bunch of lovely ties I purchased to make tie-dyed eggs. Remember? And then, on a roll, the very NEXT day, I pictured the process of cutting up the tie and wrapping the egg! Only I couldn't go any further, because I didn't have any white vinegar. So into the fridge went the tie-wrapped egg. And it sat there. For a while. Because I kept forgetting to get vinegar, and life was happening!

Yesterday, when we went to Hunter Road to put things in order, guess what I had there? WHITE VINEGAR! So guess what I came home and did?!?!?

I didn't take the care in unpiecing the ties this time. Snap, pull, and rip. Fast and easy.

Glad I re-read the directions; wrapping them in the white cloth after they're tie-wrapped is crucial to the process!

Into the saucepan for you, my lovelies!

Draining and cooling . . .

Aren't they beautiful?? Remember that ugly old green and orange tie? It made the most splendiferous egg!

Pastels are not as vivid on the hard-boiled eggs as bolder colors, but they're still quite pretty and delicate. I *love* the way the flowers turned out! Pretty nifty, huh? If you want to try them for yourself, check out the directions HERE at Our Best Bites. Ummm. I won't want to eat these! I'll want to gaze at them for longer than I should!

Here was our happy Easter dinner! This was the first time in fourteen years that I've not done a full blown Easter dinner. I had to scale way back. But I think we did good! Lamb chops grilled with garlic & rosemary, au gratin potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls, deviled eggs (NOT made with my designer eggs--I boiled two extra for our dinner. LOL!), and I made us each a Jell-O jiggler egg, with sugar-free jello. Then I cut them in half and topped them with whipped topping, so they looked like deviled eggs (sorta)! It was fun!

After our Sunday afternoon nap, we had cheesecake and coffee. All in all, a lovely celebratory day!

Again, Happy Easter!


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BarbC said...

Love your designer eggs! Absolutely gorgeous. I so want to make some of those! Wish there was a way to preserve them!

You meal for 2 sounds yummy... the jigglers cut inhalf to make "faux" stuffed eggs are too cute!

We had some "faux" food today too.. My dd made her sushi loving brother some peepshi... turned out cute!

Happy Easter -- Barb C. in MS

Sequana said...

I've been seeing lots of attempts at the tie-dyed eggs around the blogs, and yours is the MOST successful I've seen.

Whatever you did, it surely worked.

HRH Gigi said...

Just ran across these eggs and they are beautiful. I can't wait to make some of my own.

Someone mentioned wanting a way to preserve them - and there is. If you blow out the inside so you have a hollow egg shell, you can do the same procedure but you'll have to weight them down in the pot. And they will last years and years.

I am so excited about these!