Tuesday, April 13, 2010

living in the wilderness . . . day 2

So. Living in the wilderness means there's not a lot of sidewalks, paved surfaces, concrete driveways, patio pads, etc. There's rocks, dirt, and right now, lots of leftover leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. And some more dirt and rocks. And tree roots.

But when it rains?


Now we're not totally left without civilization -- we do have a *portion* of the road that leads up from the entrance to the campsite, paved. Maybe a third of it. County maintenance ends about 100 feet before you get to the entrance gate of Camp Macoba, and once inside the gate, you go another 150 feet or so before you hit the pavement. The paved road takes you up the hill to the pavilion, but it does not go into the campground, nor is our RV on a concrete pad. Everything else is loose gravel or just plain dirt.

In our first five months up here, we've had a LOT of snow and (mostly) rain. Ergo, a LOT of MUD and PUDDLES!

This calls for special equipment. No, really it does!! Mainly because there is a gate at the end of the drive that has to be unlocked, opened, driven through, and then closed and locked, every time one goes in or out of the camp. And I think the biggest puddle along the whole route is right there at that gate. Which means my feet get wet every time it rains (and usually for several days later, until the puddle dries). I think at one point there was a consecutive four week time frame where there was a puddle!

I knew what I needed; I just couldn't find exactly the right thing. I wanted my special equipment to be *perfect*! I wanted my special equipment to be . . .


Now I'm prepared for the puddles and mud! Bring 'em on!!! I can't *wait* to get out and open the gate and face the muck! I'll be singing in the rain and dancing in the puddles!

Of course, there's no foreseeable rain in our forecast.


I can wear my pink boots to SWEEP! (More on sweeping later this week.)


2 expressed . . .:

DocSly said...

Mine have polka dots. I love PINK and I think you will be quite stylish in the mud.

Asiyah said...

That's so funny! I don't have rain boots but keep an umbrella in my car. It never fails that it rains when I *don't* have my umbrella.

Cute boots!