Thursday, April 08, 2010

for me . . .

Sometimes I wonder who it is exactly I'm blogging for. It seems silly (and incredibly vain) to think that there is a host of people who are particularly interested in what I am currently doing, saying, quilting, experiencing, etc. No, it's okay. I recognize that; always have, deep down.

Blogging started for me as a means for journaling, without having to actually write. This is faster and cleaner. I dislike writing in pencil--much prefer pen--but I also have a tendency to erase a lot (so I can get what I want to say *just* right), so ink is not a good idea. That left typing, and I hooked up with blogspot in 2003, so I've been using this venue off and on (mostly off, in the beginning) for seven years. It works. For one, I don't have to keep up with a journal. Or worry about what to do with a filled journal. Especially now that space is an issue. The blog is here and I can type away to my heart's content whenever I want to.

And besides, I love to write. I like to construct words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and so on and so on, until there's something there of interest to read. For me, anyway.

The thing is, that's just for me. It's so I can get it out of my mind and onto paper, so to speak. I'm not trying to market myself, make myself famous, or turn into the 'Julie' of Julie and Julia. I don't particularly have anything to hide and so I don't mind sharing my darling, precious grandbaby, my quilts, my family, our ministry, our RV life in the woods . . . and if someone is blessed or somehow inspired by what they read, that's awesome!

But I don't expect people to feel compelled to read. Or at least, I *shouldn't* expect it. Why should I care how many people read this or how many countries those readers come from? It's not like I'm getting paid to blog! I don't have anything for sale on etsy. I don't have a particular skill or talent that folks might clamor for. I don't even spend a large percentage of my time quilting (at this point in time)!

I'm a wife, mom, new grandma (!!!), an employee, a full-time RVer, a child of the Most High, and sometimes, I quilt. I love to quilt and would love to have more time to devote to it . . . I might even enjoy doing some aspect of quilting for a living, somewhere down the road (haha-on the road). But I am *so* much more than the quilting.

And I kind of feel like I've let myself down here . . . in the effort of making my blog more *quilty* I've forsaken my original intent of blogging. But I don't think it's too late.

* * * *

Today I had a surprise text from a dear friend (for whose husband I do some weekly bookkeeping), who needed a notary's signature on a permission slip for one of her children. I don't charge people I know for my notary services, and encourage those who need a notary to use me when they can! So I told her my work hours (she lives nearby) and she told me she'd be in this afternoon.

Imagine my surprise when she walked in the door with fresh cut flowers and a pint container of fresh berries! That was so sweet of her. I adore having fresh flowers around! And these berries look *so* good!!! I'm so touched by her graciousness!

We have campers coming in again this weekend! They come in on Friday evening and will be with us into Saturday. It's another father/son event. I'm so excited! I didn't get to interact at all with the last group because I was enjoying family. But this time I'll get out there with my MM (mighty man)!

I'm thinking I need a grandbaby fix and soon; it's been a couple of days and I know how fast they change!

I've finally started going through the boxes of photographs. I'm halfway into the second box. I think I'm keeping as much as I'm throwing away. In fact, all I've thrown away thus far is doubles. LOL! I still can't decide if I want to scan these myself or send them out. I guess it depends on what I'm left with in the end. If it's too many, I'll probably send them out.

Lastly, I e-mailed one of the women on the Women's Ministry Team at Lighthouse to see about helping with that committee (informally) for the remainder of the church year. I miss working in women's ministry!

Enough for now.



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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Denise I know exactly how you feel. I started blogging for mostly the same reason, to journal my quilting experience. I was so surprised when people actually seemed to be reading my blog !!! It's been fun and for me a wonderful way to visit with new friends from around the world.

Asiyah said...

I'm right there with you! I've taken a brief blog hiatus because the weather beckons and my kiddos want to play outside. Oh yeah, I'd love to quilt more but the quilting will always be there. My children, meanwhile, may well remember me as mom who would rather do "x" than play with them.

Thank you for sharing this post. I'll have to dig around your blog for some RV pix. I'm in the market for a canned ham, myself. :-)

Karen said...

I love your blog. Just for the record. And I'm from the US. lol.