Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's been . . .

. . . way too long!

But gosh, I've been so, so busy!

So, Joc and I headed to Atlanta on Friday night. We had a great drive down and got to talk about all sorts of things that moms & daughters talk about. We were late getting to the hotel --it was about 9:30-- and the lobby was filled with women who were obviously also checking in for the Beth Moore conference! There were two staff at the hotel counter, and you could tell they were feeling a little overwhelmed. The hotel was booked full, and those guests waiting to check in were the last of the occupants! I admit I was just a tad anxious as we waited, but I had spoken to Lisa (who happened to still be there) to confirm our reservation earlier in the day, and had called and spoken to her again when I realized we weren't going to make it by 9:00 pm. We finally got our turn, and we were checked in without incident! And we had a *beautiful* room on the ground floor! Joc & I were so excited!

Anyway, we dropped our bags and headed back out to grab some dinner (which we'd skipped in the interests of getting to the hotel as soon as possible). We went to Arby's and as we were leaving, Joc suggested that we get the two hotel employees a dessert turnover. So we did. And when we got back to the hotel, we dropped them off, just thanking them for all their hard work.

We went directly to bed. With books. Joc had one she's reading and she'd brought one for me -- a new one by Francine Rivers, called Her Mother's Hope. I hated putting it down to turn off the light! The next morning, I got up first (and pretty early), took a shower, got some coffee, and proceeded to read the book until Joc got up at 7:00!

When we went to check out, both of the same workers from the night before were still at the desk. (??!!) They were both really appreciative of the turnover gesture; Lisa mentioned she'd skipped dinner and so it was really good! :)

We drove over to First Baptist Woodstock and got parked and settled. It was a super-great conference!!! First we worshiped with Travis Cottrell, and then Beth came up. She alternatively had me laughing and crying and laughing. She so cracks me up! I had read the book coming into the conference, but there's something about hearing Beth live that is just good to me.

We headed home (after sitting for close to two hours in the PARKING LOT) and managed to drive into one of the worst storm systems we've had in a year. But we managed. Joc talked me through it. Luckily (thankfully) she got herself a caffeine-laden drink on the way home, so she didn't sleep through the drive. I needed her awake!! :)

Sunday was church and afterward we invited some friends out to the RV, after picking up some BBQ. It was a lovely and quiet afternoon. Later that evening I got a call from Kim...

And so I got to watch Sawyer on Monday! We had a fun morning, he and I, and then I came home and, um, finished that Francine Rivers book. Which made me *really* angry, because I turned the page expecting to see a new chapter, and it was the END! And the sequel isn't due out until the fall!!!!! Argh!!!!

Weight-wise I'm doing very well. I was very well-behaved over the weekend, even though we were traveling!! Yay!!

And...on a quilting note...I had a surprise in the mail!!!

Well, perhaps I'll blog that in its own sweet little post.


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