Thursday, July 12, 2012

frosted fabrics . . . they're great!

Ooooh ... a fun happy in the mail . . . 
All that Fairy Frost fabric!  Oh the plans I have for you, my pretties!  But first I will pet you, and unfold and refold you, and gaze on you lovingly. 

Ah yes, fabric is one of my *Favorite Things*!  :)

The rain FINALLY started Tuesday evening and has just been softly but steadily falling ever since.  It's absolutely glorious!!  And with the rain have come much cooler temperatures . . . driving home from church last night I looked down and my car's temp gauge showed 68°F  - we haven't seen temps that low in over a month!  Last night I slept without the a/c running ... just the sound of rain hitting the roof of the RV.  What a wonderful sleeping backdrop!

Before the rains, though, came the winds.  We'd had a little bandit visitor out back, but when the winds came up -- very suddenly -- sent him running to the safety of a tree!
He wasn't sure what it was he'd heard coming -- and he sure couldn't see it.  They are such cute little critters (for the most part and in their proper setting)!

We also had a rather unwelcome visitor at our hummingbird feeder.
She's been parked here for two or three days.  At first she didn't bother the hummingbirds and they didn't both her.  But yesterday we noticed she was very aggressively guarding the feeder and chased off every hummingbird that came in.  Time to take care of that.  I don't know if you can see it or not, but her stinger is quite impressive! Todd will be taking care of it -- not me.

Quiet day today . . . perhaps I'll go dream up something fun for that Fairy Frost fabric!


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Cathy said...

That is one very nasty, large, not going any where near it looking wasp. I don't blame you for having Todd do it. I love your Fairy Frost fabrics. Do you have specific plans for them yet?

Rachel B. said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new fabric.
Bees and wasp use to be my job until I got stung this spring and we discovered I'm allergic to them. Now someone else has to deal with them.

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh that fabric is so pretty. I have two pieces that were given to me - a light pink and a dark pink. I want to only cut them for something special. And I still haven't figured out what that is yet. Now that I know it's fairy frost and that I can get will make it easier to decide. Have fun with yours.

Mary said...

I didn't blog about what I did with the wasp that came into my house a few weeks ago. I couldn't wait for help. Got my broom and tried to sweep it off the window, the window Broke! OPPS! Hubby did get busy and clear out all the wasp nests under the eaves after that. I love Fairy Frosts!!! I used to plan to get some at Quilt Festival every year. Now I have to go find them at Fabric Depot. You have a nice fabric fairy, or did you order them??

Janet O. said...

Oh, I'm glad you got your frosted fabric! : )
And your "cute" visitor--they aren't so cute after they strip your corn patch several years in a row.
Mean looking hummingbird food thief.

Editfolt said...

I love fabrics. Hungary 38 C fok = USA ?????????,

Sarah said...

Very poretty fabrics. I only have 1 fairy frost FQ and, silly me, I havne't cut into it yet cuz then it would be gone.

Can you believe I have been sleeping with the flannel sheets, blankets and quilt thsi week? Doesn't make since given that it was 95F+ a week ago and I didn't want any covers.

Barbara F. said...

Nice fabric, and a rather cute raccoon, but what is that huge insect by the hummingbird feeder???? I never saw anything like it. (city gal) lol xo

Jean(ie) said...

That hornet is HUGE!! I know you're excited about new fabric to pet... LOL.

Racoons are cute, but they can be major pests. be careful around them.

Katherines Corner said...

wow he is a nasty thing, quite large. It's time for him to buzz off, giggle. Happy you have some well needed rain.Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo P.S. the new giveaway has started!