Thursday, July 05, 2012

pressing spray and fireworks . . .

I had found a recipe for pressing spray that I was very interested in trying.  Then I realized it had liquid starch in it and I had a most difficult time finding liquid starch.  So I googled it and found several recipes for that, as well (of course I did)!  So first I set about making my liquid starch.  I used the recipe from this link as my basis, but because I just wanted enough to use in my pressing spray, I cut the amounts.  I still ended up with more than I needed, but you can only cut down so much, right?!
I brought to a boil 1 cup of distilled water.  I then mixed 2 teaspoons of cornstarch with 1/3 c. of distilled cold water -- and mixed it well.  I added the cornstarch mixture to the boiling water, mixed some more and brought it back to a boil.  I added a couple drops of lavender essential oil to my mix and allowed it to gently boil for about two minutes.  I turned off the heat, whisked it well, and set it aside.

Then I got ready to made the pressing spray.  I used the recipe found HERE as the basis for it.  I mixed 2 cups of distilled water, 2 ounces of alcohol (she uses vodka ... but you can also use Isopropyl alcohol which is considerably cheaper at 99¢ per 16 ounces -- just make sure the alcohol content is 99%, the alcohol is what keeps the essential oil playing nicely with the water), 10 drops of lavender essential oil (which can be found in the soap making aisle of Hobby Lobby or most any craft store, or in an organics store, like Earth Fare), and 1/2 cup of the homemade liquid starch.  Her recipe calls for 1/3 cup -- I wanted a little more crispiness.  I mixed it up well and poured it into my empty spray bottle.

Then I got ready for the test!  I pulled out a piece of fabric and heated up my trusty Reliable.  
Gave the bottle a couple of shakes and then the fabric a good spritzing and zipped it with the iron.  So far, so good!

Then I thought I'd try the store-bought stuff and see if I good "feel" the difference.  I gave a new section of the fabric a good spritzing and brought the iron down again.
At first I was startled by how different the lavender scent was between the two. 
And then I remembered that I'd purchased a refill bottle of spray at a great price, but they were out of lavender, so I got cherry blossom.  Whew!  I truthfully could not tell the difference between where I'd used the two different sprays.   I think this is definitely a Go/Win for me!!  That makes me smile, because I tend to be a little stingier with the spray than I'd care to be.  The essential oil is the most expensive ingredient I used, and I'll be able to make gallons of pressing spray with it.  Most cost effective, I think!

I had a lucky capture yesterday out the back window ... my primary-colored birds, all in one shot!
It happens all the time ... it's just that I can rarely pull out the camera before one flies off! 

We had a marvelous time of family yesterday afternoon/evening!
It's hard to get everyone looking at the same place at the same time ... at least one of us is smiling!

Sawyer had a blast with his glow sticks ... he was such a character!  I'm so grateful for this camp and being able to have a place where he can just let loose!

Ellie was having a grand time, herself!  Especially once we traded her little outfit for a bib.  She thought that was grand!

Evidently Bear thought she was quite grand, too.  Grand tasting, that is . . .  
Boy did he get her good . . . her whole face was washed by that tongue!
Remember that cute, cuddly puppy James and Kim brought home a couple of months ago?  Here he is!  Sixteen weeks old.  Almost.  He's HUGE!  But he's got the sweetest disposition.  
As is evidenced here by Sawyer's headlock ...errrr... hug.  :)  

Soon it was dark enough that the sparklers came out . . . 
I think we all played with the sparklers ... except maybe Todd.  And Sawyer.  Not that Sawyer didn't want to play with them.  Oh he tried, all right!  Gracious.  

And here's Jason, doing his air traffic controller imitation! 

Finally it got dark enough that we could start setting of the big rockets!  We had an eighteen-rocket show.  James set 'em off, and Jason photo-captured them all!  They make a great team.
As soon as the noise started, Sawyer choose to view the fireworks from the comfort...and safety... of his mommy's lap!

Bear choose the safety of underneath his mommy's chair.  (LOL!  He was fine, I promise ... he handled the whole night pretty well.)

And Ellie, for her first 4th of July fireworks?
She slept like a rock through the entire thing!!!  


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Kate said...

Looks like you had a fun 4th.

Love Bears All Things said...

I use sizing myself which is about a dollar a can. I'd be interested in how much your recipe costs verses that. I couldn't smell the scent so that isn't important to me and one of my cans last me months. I don't usually use it on fabric.

Looks like your family had a good time. Sorry you didn't get any rain but Jim says what we got wasn't even measurable. It was great to see anyway.
Mama Bear

Barbara F. said...

Hi Denise, looks like you had a wonderful time. The kids keep you going, that's for sure. I have found liquid starch in craft stores like A.C.Moore. I am attempting my first batch of laundry detergent. I am having a hard time finding Borax, but a friend of mine is picking it up for me where she lives. Should be interesting. xo

Barbara said...

The 4th is such a wonderful time to spend with family. We had some good family time here too. I hadn't noticed before how much Jocelyn looks like you. You are both beautiful! Good genes for Ellie.

Jean(ie) said...

Thanks for experimenting on our behalf! I use the unscented version of the fancy stuff. So I guess when my jug is empty I can use your recipe.

Looks like y'all had fun last night!

Paula said...

Thanks for opening your "Testing Lab" to all of us. It is very interesting that you found no difference between your mixture and Best Press. I will surely have to try and make my own also. I do love Best Press but the price of it is so high. So, when are you going open your "Neesey's Perfect Press" online store?
Enjoyed the picture of your family. Sawyer is so fun to see. Ellie is growing way to fast!

Mary said...

Good for you figuring out how to make the liquid Starch for your spray. I'd have to leave out the scent anyway, DH would sneeze at that. I'd heard about using Vodka, but being a non-drinker wondered if there was a substitution. I see two beautiful smiles and one boy looking happy with Grandma. I'll take a pleasant look even without the smile for pictures.

Rachel's Quilts said...

Looks like you all had a great time last night.
Love the bird pick. I'm looking forward to seeing cardinals again when we move back to Michigan this month.

Grammasheri said...

What a wonderful family celebration you had Denise. The littles look like they enjoyed it, too! They are so sweet.

Thank you for the starch and pressing spray recipes. I'm going to try both of them asap!

Linda in Calif. said...

LOL!! What fun (your fireworks)! Thanks for telling us and providing the links for making your own mixture. This think I would love to do that.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

What a wonderful celebration you had! Lots of excitement and snuggles! Thank you for sharing your recipe for the pressing spray. I use the Mary Ellen's too, but only because I bought an entire gallon for a song. So nice to know that when I run out, I can make my own. Thanks again!

Sarah said...

What fun to have your "own" playground!!! Holey Moley the puppy is huge!