Tuesday, July 03, 2012

pool, pins, and pinwheels . . .

What a lovely day we had yesterday!  After Joc made her trip to the grocery store, we got geared up and headed over to her pool.
Ellie's now sporting a new bathing suit and hat.  She's grown out of her pink flamingos already.  And she's cut a third tooth, too!  She'll be sixteen in no time ... and I teared up just a little bit typing that out!
She loves the water . . . she'd fling those little legs back and just start kicking away!  She tried to put her face in the water and blow bubbles several times while I was holding her, but her mommy would get all panicky.  (That's my story, Joc, and I'm sticking to it!)

After pool time, Ellie went down for a nap and I pulled out Joc's wedding quilt.
I got it all pin-basted and ready for me to start hand-quilting.  Yay!!  I'm just going to do simple lines following the tan/signature fabric -- like a wide cross-hatch.
Of course, I had some help ... but I'll save that story for Friday!!

I was going to make some homemade pressing spray, but hadn't realized until I got to Joc's that I needed liquid starch.  I stopped at a half-dozen stores last night on my way home and couldn't find any.  *sigh*  I've googled up a recipe for it; I'll give it a try and see what happens.  If the two recipes work well together, I'll share the whole kit 'n caboodle here later on.

And ... just in case you haven't noticed ... there's a terrific blog hop going on right now, hosted by Jane of Jane's Fabrics and Quilts:  "Celebrate Red, White & Blue"!  
Already there have been some awesome entries and I'm really enjoying all these gorgeous patriotic blocks!  Click on the above button to head over to pinterest and see the entire grouping of blocks displayed so far.  The master list for participants can be found by clicking HERE.   There are lots of fun giveaways connected with it, too ... so definitely take a look!
I didn't participate in this one (wishing I had!), but that's not stopping me from displaying my good ol' red, white & blueness!


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Connie said...

Oh my gosh, Ellie is getting so big! She looks like a little movie star with those glasses and cute hat! Have fun hand quilting and stay cool! Thanks for sharing.
Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, they do grow so fast! Enjoy every moment.

Jean(ie) said...

teeth? so soon? or is it that so much time has passed? Just love those cheekies!

I think kitty likes you!

Lee D said...

Ellie is so adorable in that suit and the glasses what a fashionista!
I haven't hand quilted anything in years. good luck with that. Enjoy your 4th of July

Sarah said...

No fair teasing Feline Friday stories - can you hear my feet stamping??!! I best get on setting up that linky party...

Michelle said...

I just can't get over her hats and sunglasses -- she's so Audrey Hepburn! :-)

Barbara F. said...

Cute cute post. Ellie looks like a little doli her new suit, a cover model in the making! And your cat is so pretty. Have a wonderful July 4th! xo

Kate said...

Elli is very stylish in her citrus inspired suit.

Congrats on getting Joc's wedding quilt pin basted. I've never done that, but I don't think I'd like that part of the process.

big B said...

Sweet pictures - Ellie is soooo cute. Your quilt looks wonderful, I am looking forward to hearing about your helper!

Grammasheri said...

What a fun day! Ellie is so sweet in her new orange suit...she reminds me of when my daughter was her age. She loved the pool, too!

I am working on my son's and daughter-in-law's wedding quilt, too! They've just celebrated their 6th anniversary. Yep. I'm a procrastinator and NOT proud of it! Feels good to make progress on the quilt...am nearing the finish line. Wanna race? :D

My helper (a very old tuxedo cat lady) is currently stretched out on top of the plastic bin I've stored the unfinished wedding quilt in (to protect it from cat hair).

Interested in the homemade pressing spray recipe if you find it worked out ok.

I'm off the computer now and back on task...:D

Janet O. said...

Who was it that got panicky? : )

Nancy said...

Ellie looks so cute in her sweet bathing suit. Love the sunglasses! Your silk LC is amazing and I just LOVE the wedding quilt. The hydrangea fabric is gorgeous and you chose the perfect fabrics to go with it. What a wonderful keepsake. The little RW&B one is sweet. Happy 4th!