Friday, December 02, 2011

one last look . . .

I figured that since December is here and Christmas decorations go up tomorrow, I'd better get my Thanksgiving photos posted and share what a glorious day we had.

The weather was perfect -- sunny, balmy and breezy, with temps in the 60's. The perfect day for an outdoor dinner. And also for stroller rides!

While Kim and Jocelyn got our buffet picnic tables all set and ready to go, my sister, Julia, went walking in the woods and picked up some lovely natural decor to set on our table.

Between the pineapple turkey and the pumpkins, gourds, leaves, branches and acorns, our table looked quite Thanksgiving festive.

Lu cracks me up ... when she is posing for a picture, this is her "pose" smile . . .

Can you see the family resemblance?

I had to laugh when I saw these pics, back-to-back in my film roll. So funny!! Anyway, the tables were fairly well loaded down!

My nephew, Ben, and Jason -- our fearless turkey carvers!!

Jason actually did a GREAT job carving the turkeys (yes, we cooked two ten-pounders -- one in my gas oven at the RV and one in the electric oven at the pavilion). And Ben de-stuffed the birds! They were quite the turkey-team. :)

Julia's husband was our fire-fender for the week. Seriously, a fire got lit in the pavilion fire place when they arrived Sunday afternoon and it was maintained day and night until they left on Friday!

Michael makes a great director, don't you think?!

I don't think we had to call people twice ... the more food that went out on the table, the closer the crowd got!

I tried (and tried) to get a photo that had *everyone* at the table but there was absolutely no way ... in fact, I'm not sure that there was a point when *everyone* was sitting at the table! I was able to sneak in a profile shot of Todd's dad!

Sawyer . . .

Mom? You forget about me over here?

Mom?!? You need me to come help?!??


Food must have been good . . . smiles all around!

And my favorite capture of the day? The girls took the dishes over to the (warm) RV and put in a Christmas movie and washed dishes. The guys?

The guys hung a white sheet over the canvas and projected HALO on it for a little gaming action.

Yup, they were occupied for HOURS!! It was a wonderful, fun day, and I'll remember it fondly as one of my favorite Thanksgivings since we've moved here!

And, just so you can see I'm keeping my hand in the quilting game . . .

I should have a finish soon!!


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Barbara F. said...

Looks like a great day, Denise! Weather cooperated, lots of food and family. xo

Michelle said...

Looks like you've been having a great time!

Editfolt said...

I really like the table of natural decorations. I also have such a large Tupperware bowl!
You have to be very cohesive loving family! This is a great treasure.

AnnieO said...

I sprinkled fall leaves on my mantle for Thanksgiving too :) Nothing like a little free beauty from nature!

Looks like good food, good fun, and lots of family togetherness--the best kind of holiday!

Love Bears All Things said...

Just so you know....I came by and left a couple of comments yesterday which went whoof when I hit post...I was getting ready to be off for the day and never did get back by.
It was a great day to have a meal in the great outdoors wasn't it....looks like everyone had a great time, too.
Mama Bear

Lee said...

Sweet :)

Pat said...

Your tables looked GREAT all decorated with the natural items! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Rachel's Quilts said...

Looks like a great day.
Love your table decorations.

Sarah said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. The leaves on the tables were a nice touch to the turkey!