Saturday, November 05, 2011

again, more from the eq tuts . . .

First things first ... a shout out to my darling nephew, Hazen, who turns TEN today!

Happy birthday to you, Brazen Hazen!!! :)

I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Saturday. Seriously thinking it was Saturday. You know when you don't work (out of the home), and your husband works the crazy, non-traditional hours that he works (as opposed to the standard 5-day work week), *and* you count on Sundays to keep you grounded only last Sunday, Todd was on shift so I didn't go to church . . .

It really screws up your days.

Anyway, about mid-way through the day, I was thinking it was Saturday and realized I'd not done my EQ lessons for this week. CRUD!!! I panicked . . . which is what I get for not doing them until the last day anyway (procrastinator me), so there. I was sure I'd be dropped from the challenge and I was so disappointed. Then I realized it wasn't Saturday, it was Friday and all was right with the world again.

Well, except that I still hadn't done the lessons. Small things.

Thought I'd share my last three ... though only the last two pics were turned in today.

This was an interesting one on setting multiple, different borders.

There's actually only one block in this quilt -- the remainder of it is made up of borders. Six borders, to be precise. I found that fascinating.

This quilt is not really a quilt. It makes my head hurt and while it was not my favorite lesson, I did learn some interesting things about working with the different layers (that had really puzzled me until now). Setting the stencils, motifs and photos are done on the different layers. It also taught us about setting custom quilt blocks -- with size variations.

And although I "get" it, I think I didn't like this lesson because you had to work with too many items in one quilt. And so you didn't end up with a pretty finished product at the end of the lesson. You ended up with this hodge-podge that doesn't make any sense. I may (and I'm probably supposed to) go back and play around with the different elements on *different* quilt tops and come up with something more pleasing to my eye. A lot of the other participants did just that. (And had I not waited until the last possible day, I might have, too.)

This following image was from the last lesson I did today, which is also the first lesson under images. OH MY ANDY WARHOL GOODNESS! This lesson was the most fun.

We really just played around with pulling up a photo image and changing the hue and saturation in it. But wouldn't this be SO much fun to do for a small wall hanging? I could do something with say SAWYER! Print it out on printable fabric . . .

Or a quilted collage wall hanging with all family members!! Oh my, oh my -- my insides are all a'flutter! I'm loving this waaaay too much.

And on a side note, I'm linking up to Cat Patches' Foto Finish. Today is photographer's choice -- and since my choice is most always going to involve a grandbaby, there he be!

Carpe diem!


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Editfolt said...

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Barbara said...

Very pretty Denise. You're right about the wallhanging.

Barbara F. said...

Denise, I smiled as I read your first paragraph......I jumped off the couch last night thinking I had to turn back all the clocks, then it hit me it wasn't Saturday night! :-) xo

Connie said...

Looks like you are really learning your way around in EQ7! I am hoping to have time after the first of the year to join that group.

Mary said...

I haven't taken any of the Tuts with EQ7. What group is this? Not that I need another challenge... I like the first lesson quilt, it's like a round robin

Quilt Hollow said...

Because my husband works Sun-Wed I'm always messed up on the days! I really ought to pull out my EQ7 and play! Thanks for show and share on that! HB to your nephew!!

quiltzyx said...

I really like your "Andy Warhol-esque" pictures! I'll bet everyone would love a wallhanging with that cute little face.... :D

Sarah said...

Hey D - I also didn't care for the multiple star lesson. Nothing coordinated.

I learned that you can have multiple size blocks in one quilt BUT some of my stars went into the borders and I never could get them to size quite right. I do want to plan a quilt with mulitple block sizes so I can play with it more later.