Sunday, November 20, 2011

a quilter in need . . .

In need of some hugs and cheer, that is.

A bloggy/quilty friend, Debbie, of Designs by Debbie and Dixie Too! recently shared that a dear friend of hers -- her quilting mentor -- has been diagnosed with breast cancer and starts chemotherapy on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Debbie posted about her friend Sue on her blog, HERE, HERE and HERE. Debbie is going to put together a 'good cheer' basket for her friend, to give her something to do to pass the time as she goes through and recovers from her treatments. I know how quilters are -- generous to a fault, especially when it comes to one of our own. Please take a look at Debbie's blog and help in any way you can. Especially in the prayer department -- I know Debbie (and Sue!) would appreciate your prayers above anything else!


2 expressed . . .:

Pat said...

Just went to Debbie's blog and became a follower....will cut some fabric into charm squares and send that to her for Sue. I figured even if it's not Sue's colors, we quilters like to work with all colors and can use it to make gifts for others...right? (Of course, the prayers go without saying.)

Pat said...

(Just blogged about it, too.)