Tuesday, November 01, 2011

cast off, cast on . . .

Okay . . . I'm going to warn you right off the bat, again. This is a foot surgery update. I don't even have any craft pictures to include. Or pumpkins. Or even Sawyer (for that post, go back one, HERE and scroll a bit)! This is all about the foot and my second post-surgical check up yesterday. And there are pictures. Like the last time, I don't think there's anything really gruesome, but I know that some don't like that kind of thing (or just aren't interested, which I can't fault anyone for, at all), so if that's the case, feel free to click off this post and come back tomorrow when I post pics of Joc's button craft (and I helped)!

So, forewarned is forearmed, right? Todd and I got to the doc's office promptly at 10, only to learn that the doctor was running an hour behind. Since I'd waited nearly TWO hours to see him the last time, I wasn't surprised, but I wasn't happy either. Since they were running so far behind, the waiting room was packed, and there wasn't a seat to be found. Not a good thing when you've only got one good leg to stand on! The girl at the desk told me to come on back and we could sit back there, which worked to my advantage, because Dr. DeOrio's tech saw me, felt sorry for me, and took us on back!

First things first; she sawed off my cast. It used to bother me, but not anymore. The biggest thing that bothered me this time was loosing my Alabama "A". Roll Tide.

Zip -- down she goes on one side . . .

And zip, down she goes on the other side. And then she uses this tool like a miniature jaws of life, that pries apart the fiberglass pieces.

It was almost like Christmas . . . really I had that weird thought more than once. The tech was wearing red and green, and my cast was red and I was just feeling so festive and we were unwrapping presents!

Yay! It's a leg and a foot! I always wanted one of those!!

Right off the bat I was impressed with how much better it looked from the last time, three weeks ago! (See HERE, if you're new to this game.)

Oh, I don't know. Maybe it looks exactly the same! Crud.

No, it does look less swollen, and the surgery incision looks better, and there's lots less bruising. It still looks a little like a hobbit's foot without the hair.

After the cast was off, she headed for the stitches. It wasn't too bad.

Yes, I took pictures of the entire stitch removal process. I only included this one, just before she actually started. It wasn't bad -- I've had stitches out before. Just a little pinch occasionally. It wasn't the stitches I was worried about, though! After she got all the stitches out, she cleaned it up. It really does look great!

Next, she took out the staples. I did NOT take pictures of that. I needed my hands to plug my ears (so I couldn't *hear* the staples being *plinked*) and my eyes were screwed tightly shut, trying to get through it while making the least amount of noise. *shudder*

That part was over pretty quickly and really (in hindsight) it wasn't so bad. It only hurt for that split second the staple was being removed. Seven times.

It looks pretty darn good! It'll be interesting to see what kind of scar that leaves. The blue marks? Where my doctor wrote on me . . . before surgery. He really likes drawing on me. It cracks me up.

Speaking of the doc, after a couple of x-rays, he came in to check me out. He's cautiously pleased with my progress and told me everything looked like he expected it to look, four weeks out. He showed us on the x-ray where he's trying to promote bone growth. There's a long way to go. He told me to make sure I stayed off that foot -- and he even looked at the bottom of my cast to make sure I'd been obedient! I had to laugh!

He switched the side that I'm to do the daily ultrasound on. And wrote on me again.

I particularly like that he changed his mind on the original spot, and scratched through it and wrote new lines. I just realized my foot looks a lot better from this angle. And still, the swelling I've got is less than the swelling I had around my ankle at the end of the day, pre-surgery. It was that bad.

So, the doc left and my tech came back in. To put me back into a cast. They didn't have any more bright red fiber glass, so I went with this deeper burgundy. It's pretty, don't you think?

She didn't do any artwork for me this time (they were too busy!). She told me I was on my own -- she wanted to see how creative I could be! I'm thinking I'd like to modpodge some fall fabric leaves swirling down and around the cast. Don't you think?!? Can you modpodge on fiberglass? Maybe I could hot glue them? I know I can't 'seal' it up too much. Yuck!

Whatever I do, I've got it until after Thanksgiving. I go back November 28th. We picked a 7:30 appointment this time -- first one of the day. Haha! It's probably a smart thing -- it will be the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend -- they'll be backed up that day, for sure!

Okay, enough about my foot. It's safely encased again and life goes on!! And can you believe it? It's NOVEMBER!


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Jean said...

Cupcakes... bring in cupcakes. That guarantees you will always be first no matter what time the appointment is. It worked for hubby with his hand surgeon!

I'm so glad you're healing without complications. Great progress!

Barb said...

You poor thing....so sorry, look horrible (sorry again). Hope it mends quickly!!

Debbie said...

I've got mine until 8 Dec. How do you like using the walker you are using. I'm not sure about the knee walker.

AnnieO said...

Fascinating! Since I worked for an ortho for 15 years, but all I did was intake histories and type reports as his historian/transcriptionist, I didn't see much of this side of the office :) Congrats on your progress and handling all this. Hope things are three times better the next cast change!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Was this an ankle fusion? I had one done 4 years ago with implanted heel bone. - I had my knee replace too (same leg), so I was in wheelchair - no walking for almost a year. Go slow!!

Barbara F. said...

Hi Denise, they want you to stay off that foot, huh?? They should only know how many walks in the woods you have had! :-) Keep up the good work, though, I think it looks a lot better than the first time you shared photos. xo

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing your cast off, cast on. Thought I'd be reading about Knitting... But for that you cast on first. Love the deep burgundy I can see a Poinsettia on it for Christmas.

Editfolt said...

It looks good in the new plaster. Good color is red.
What was wrong with your feet?
My son / Adam / she just had surgery. Implants were implanted in her mouth.
I wish you healing!

Sarah said...

That first photo made me think it was still quite swollen but the side view makes it look so much better than the last cast on/cast off photo session. Taking out the staples made me squirm but it's nice to hear that your foot is progressing nicely.

Lee said...

Praying for continued 'good' progress reports :) I sometimes think the Lord allows us these trials to slow us down and think of Him even more...I admit, I'm a slow learner.
I can thoroughly empathize with long doctor office waits. DH and I used to go to a doctor only 5 mins. from home. You could count on waiting an hour or two...even if you had the FIRST appt. About the same time I decided to switch, I DETEST waiting, he goes into a limited & expensive practice where he only had a certain number of patients but would spend lengthy time with them...most insurances don't cover this type of practice, so you know he was treating the 'wealthy'.
Thank you for showing all your pix too, I find these things fascinating and watch many of the medical shows on TV. God bless :)

Asiyah said...

Oh my dear. Prayers for continued healing!

Connie said...

This is truly a long process! I'm glad that your foot is improving and hope this is your last cast.