Wednesday, November 30, 2011

two in a row . . .

Two great days in a row, that is! Yesterday was a ticket-buying/picking up kind of day. First, Jocey came and got me. It was a grey, snow-flurry, misty morning ... can you believe that it was 33 degrees and we had snow flurries in November in North Alabama?! Some of the more mountainous spots in Huntsville had TWO to FIVE inches!!

But I digress.

Joc came and got me . . .

And our first ticket stop?! A 11:30 matinee showing of Breaking Dawn! Yes!!! She'd purchased tickets online to ensure we'd get handicap seating. The theater was nearly empty (which I enjoy) and we sat center stage. It was GREAT! Joc had gone to see it already (the very first showing), so this trip was just for *me*! What a darling daughter, non? I'd make Nutella No-Bake Cookies and cut up some cheese and crackers -- we had quite a feast for lunch watching the movie. Real swank-like. LOL!

After the movie, we headed over to Jo Ann Fabrics to look at material for curtains for the nursery and pick up some flannel and other supplies. Joc also got some dark pink minky material so I could make a new changing pad cover. It was fun meandering around the fabric store!

From there, we did ticket pickup number two ... tickets to a December 10 performance of The Nutcracker! It's put on yearly by the Huntsville Ballet Company. This is the 45th year of the production. I got a great deal on Living Social for $15 orchestra seats. I was so psyched! That'll be a busy day -- we're celebrating the coming of Ellie with a small gathering for dessert at The Melting Pot earlier that evening.

After we picked up the ballet tickets - and since we were so close, we stopped at my (our) favorite bakery, Peggy Ann's Bakery. They have the BEST petite fours I've ever had. Seriously. I sent Joc in by herself (which may have been a mistake) and she came out with a pastry box filled with some lovely, lovely sweets . . .

Aside from the petite fours, I think both of our favorite sweet treat were the petite four cookies (which we ate in the car, pretty much before we left the bakery parking lot). They were *wonderful*!!! There were some sweet tea cookies, a lemon bar (which was scrumptious), and a frosted brownie (we split the two bar cookies). It was so fun we *had* to get out the China and have a tea party!! So, a little on my Lenox Kelly, a pot of Almond Rocker tea and a plate of cookies, all on the Christmas topper ... it was quite a lovely feast!

And that's when I remembered I hadn't looked through my latest issue of Tea Time! I was saving it for a special occasion. :)

Perusing through it, I came across a page of recipes for a Christmas Eve tea.

How festive!! The candied fruit scones look marvelous, but it was really the Christmas Tree Tea Sandwiches that caught my eye.

Aren't these darling?!?! They are heartier than they look and the recipe was fairly easy.

Christmas Tree Tea Sandwiches from Tea Time Magazine
Yield: 12 sandwiches
Preparation: 30 minutes

12 slices pumpernickel bread
12 slices ham
12 slices Havarti cheese
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon fresh lemon zest
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
48 very thin slices English cucumber

*Using a 4-inch Christmas tree cookie cutter, cut 2 tree shapes from each slice of bread, ham, and cheese. Using a 1/2-inch star cookie cutter, cut 12 stars from remaining cheese scraps. Discard all scraps.

*In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, lemon zest, and lemon juice. Spread mayonnaise mixture on pumpernickel bread. Top each bread slice with 1 slice ham and 1 slice cheese.

*Cut cucumber slices in half, and arrange on top of cheese in shingled fashion, trimming as necessary. Place cheese stars on top of cucumber layer. Serve immediately. [And enjoy!]

It was such a fun day -- and I definitely think I'm beginning to get into the Christmas mood now!! Decorating on Friday ... whooohoo!!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the sandwich idea. A 'must do' for our upcoming Christmas quilt group gathering....will add such a special touch!!!-D

Barbara F. said...

Denise, one day I want to visit Alabama and hang out for a day! You do the funnest (is that even a word?) things! I also love watching a movie when the theatre is empty! I hate crowds. I adore tea! I want to make these tree sandwiches, maybe have the girls over for tea. xo

Jean(ie) said...

Sounds like a fun day! We spent our afternoon in the garage sorting through boxes (he's finally letting me pack!).

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with lots of activity. You are obviously getting around much better now adays.

Have you ever made petite fours? I tried back in January and bombed. What a mess. I served them anyway since Santa had delivered the antique petite four server I had begged for. I need to try a different recipe and I'm open to suggestions. Love the Holiday tea idea - thanks for the recipe.

Bernideen said...

These sandwiches look wonderful - you did a great job!

racheld said...

Oh, goody! I'm such a swoon for any kinda cutesy little sandwiches and pastries!! And between your home tea and the tree sandwiches, you could have served an elegant tea anywhere!

And of course, I'm always delighted to see you at Lawn Tea.


PS---I've been meaning to mention that your C'est Moi picture is the exact pose I favor in every picture of DH and me.

Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Denise
Thanks for visiting and your kind words. I've been looking at the same pages in Tea Time myself and bought some candied fruit to make those scones that look yummy! I usually make my plain with currants but it's time to bake a new type for the holidays.
I like the tea for two on the small quilt, it says cozy for sure.
I hope to visit with you for tea again.

Lee Young said...

I'm not much of a tea enthusiast but the sandwiches are too 'cute' - I love that there are truly creative people in this world! The scones look intriguing too. And snow? I can only pray we get even a dusting again this year! Last year was the first in the nearly 40 yrs I've lived in this area! And tickets...oh, well, just in general, how fun it is to have your daughter around to do 'girly' things with :)

Pat said...

What a great day and what CUTE tea sandwiches. Your tea party table looks so nice. Any chance you could give us the recipe for the fruited scones, too?

Editfolt said...

These cookies look delicious.
Christmas is a smart sandwich. It is very beautiful.
Cold weather is with you this time? Do you have snow?

Deanna said...

It sounds like a lovely, southern day, in spite of the snow.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your daughter is such a cutie, what a great photo! Looks like you both had a fun day and a tea party at the end was perfect!

Mary said...

Don't you just love a "girl's day out" like that. It sounds like it was just the perfect time with your daughter.