Thursday, March 15, 2012

march's daybook . . .

Well, if I can't hit it on the first of the month, it may as well be the fifteenth, right?  The Ides of March . . . :)

Outside my window... the sun is starting to assert its presence.  The change to Daylight Savings Time always sets me back a bit, with the sun rising later.  It doesn't stop the birds, though -- they were singing and calling well before the sun made its appearance!

I am thinking... about all the things I need to get done in the next few days . . . getting our tax return information gathered, some administrative work for the ministry, finishing up Sawyer's quilt, meal planning and grocery shopping for next week.  I don't want to forget anything!

I am thankful... I've said it before and I'll say it again (both now and in the future):  my family!  I love my sweet family and am so thankful I've been blessed with my husband, our children, their spouses, and our grandbabies!!  Not to mention my parents and sisters (and their families) and cousins and aunts and uncles.  Family is so important to me and I'm thankful for mine.

From the learning rooms... This month it's recipes. I've got a couple of new ones I want to give a try.  That counts as learning, right?!

In the kitchen... oh ... see the above!  One recipe that sounded particularly good was out of the current issue of Celebration for Chicken con Pollo.  :)

I am wearing... a jean skirt and my Deeper Still: The Event tee-shirt.  

I am creating... Sawyer's Dinosaur quilt is being quilted ... and then I need to get my feathered star block (UFO for this month) pieced together.

I am going... nowhere for most of today.  This evening Todd and I are headed out to dinner with a couple from church.  We will try to have dinner with a different couple every week, to help us get to know the different families in our church.  We'd like to have a big Sunday afternoon picnic/potluck for the whole church family soon, so they can see where we live and get to know us better, too!

I am wondering... what's waiting at the post office.  When Todd made the trip to pick up mail yesterday, there were two parcel slips, indicating we had packages that wouldn't fit in our box, but since the post office was already closed, we had to W.A.I.T.  We know one is our monthly shipment of K-cup coffee, but don't know about the other . . . hmmmmmmm.

I am reading... the Bible study and accompanying Bible text to A Woman's Heart:  God's Dwelling Place (still -- for another six weeks, at least).  I'm also reading a kindle freebie, Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride.  It's pretty cute!  I'm also pouring over all my women's ministry books.  See what I'm 'pondering'. 

I am [still] hoping... we're somehow able to trade out RV for the new one.  I'm also hoping my dad's back pain clears up completely.  It was so bad the doctor nixed their travel plans to Alabama.  Boo!!  I hope they're able to make the trip later in April, sometime.

I am looking forward to... spending my day with Ellie tomorrow, and Sawyer's mustache birthday party on Saturday!!

I am hearing... birds, birds and more birds!

Around the house... it's quiet.  Todd's out taking his walk and nothing is turned on.  I rather like it.

I am pondering... women's ministry.  There is currently no women's ministry program at CBC and I need to come up with a plan and implement it.  A lot of prayer will be forthwith on the subject.

One of my favorite things... pulling out my spring/Easter decorations!  It means *Spring* is here!

A few plans for the rest of the week... I think I pretty much covered that in what I was looking forward to!  Ministry stuff, finishing a quilt, going to dinner, watching Ellie, grocery shopping, Sawyer's birthday party . . . just a few things to keep my busy!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Four years ago today James and Kim were married.  This is one of my favorite photos taken from that day because it expresses, without a shadow of a doubt, just how happy my son was to have married his sweet bride.  I had such fun browsing through their wedding pics this morning.  And what makes me happiest is knowing that my darling son, who's become such a wonderful, godly man, husband, and father, is still that silly-crazy in love with his sweet bride!  Happy anniversary, Kim and James!!

I'm all linked up to the Spring Edition of The Simple Woman's Daybook.  Definitely you should check it out if you get the chance ... I've made some wonderful friends through that connection! And don't Beware the Ides of March . . . be WONDERFUL in the Ides of March! 


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Paula said...

What a cool picture! I love it.
Happy Anniversary to them.

Karen said...

That is a great photo! just like they say "a picture speaks a thousand words"!
OOO and those grandbabies are so sweet. Nothing better than grandbaby kisses.
Your week sounds very busy. Enjoy the beautiful weather!
Hugs, Karen

Cassandra said...

Happy anniversary to Kim and James!! That's a really fun photo. :)

c. Joy said...

Your post is soothing day. Lots on your plate but you seem at peace. Congrats to your Baby & his Bride - may they always remember their special day and feel blessed. I'm off to check out your link thingy. It's a way to take a garden break and cool down a bit. It's warmish in Fort Worth this afternoon. Spring is here.

Sarah said...

Wow - so much to think about. I hope you have fun things waiting at the PO. I received a pattern from an Aussie friend in today's mail and a package from Container Store to help clean up the studio. Starting a new women's ministry seems daunting but also offers so many opportunities to make it your own. And so many projects to work on - just remember to have fun :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Isn't it a such a JOY when we have the satisfaction of knowing that our children are happily married to marvelous people? My son is also happily married now for 9 years. My daughter did not choose so well and endured 15 years of a very ugly situation. Thankfully she got out 2 years ago and is now in a relationship with a good man who adores her. I'm happy for you that you have that joy today!

StitchinByTheLake said...

That's got to be the cutest picture ever! blessings, marlene