Monday, January 13, 2014

confession time . . .

I have a couple of them, actually.  The first is, I barely spent any time stitching on poor ol' Mr. Owlie yesterday.
I stitched a red flower and finished a stem.  And then that temptress of a quilt sang her siren song and I gave in.

Which leads me to my second confession.  I'd already told someone that having so MUCH time pass between the beginning blocks I quilted and the last blocks I quilted showed differences in my quilting.  Eeek. You know what else happens when a lot of time has passed since you first started a quilt?

You forget that the yard-and-a-half of lavender Evening Mist was purchased for the assembly and binding of a particular quilt and instead use it to back a dolly quilt for Christmas.  
Aye yi yi!!!  First thing I did was jump online to see if I could find some somewhere, just in case my LQS doesn't have it any more (which it probably won't -- I purchased this three YEARS ago, after all!). Whew! I'm good. Then I went ahead and looked at my leftover piece and started cutting, just to see if I had enough to assemble my blocks into row. I did!

So then I decided to just put two blocks together . . . for old times sake . . . and one thing led to another and all of a sudden, lo and behold . . . 
One row.
Two rows?!

THREE rows??!!

This is a lovely thing!  I took lots of pics of the process and will 'whip' up a tutorial as soon as I get more fabric and can assemble my rows.  And I figure as busy as I'll be this week, it'll be nice to have some hand work for the evenings -- I can stitch down my strips.

So that's my design wall for today!  I *may* try to get the GC *or* the snowflake block finished this week, but no promises -- waaaay too much going on.  Linking up to the design wall post on Patchwork Times!

Our final day at CBC went really well, though I did manage to soak a dozen or more Kleenex!  And, in tribute to my sweet husband, nearly *everyone* showed up in camouflage!  It was SO great!!  We looked like it was Duck Dynasty Sunday or something!
At first I just thought it was coincidence that a couple of guys were wearing it (and Todd had worn it, too, of course).  But then when I saw several women and some youth and children all wearing it too, I knew it had been planned -- and I had my first cry of the morning!

My girls gave me this sweet gift:
I was so touched!  The daisy tag in the middle reads, "Thank you for helping us bloom!"   Awww....cry two!

Then they prayed over us and had a lovely going-away lunch.  Even the table decoration and the banner they put up were camo-oriented.
Such fun!  And such a sweet and gracious spirit in our brothers and sisters there -- what a blessing they've been to us.

Today.  Today I need to hit the ground running -- much work to do!!  Enjoy your Monday...make it count!


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hey, if the creative juices are flowing - go with the flow! What a lovely tribute to you folks - sweet roses.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What an emotional day!

I love those blocks together! Wow!! I'm looking forward to your tutorial.

Janet O. said...

Great progress, Denise. Looking really good. When I have fabrics for a specific quilt I try to keep them in a separate place so I don't do that same thing--but I confess, it happens. : )
I'm glad to see these good folks recognize the worth of people like you and Todd. Sweet send-off.

Mary said...

Nice to be LOVED! No BIG Party when my DH was released, only at my house. Glad you had some time to sew on the OC. Prayers for a good week and good news on your next calling.

Missy Shay said...

I love your owl! I really need to start making smaller projects!

Teresa in Music City said...

Sometimes you just have to work on the piece that is calling your name, right? How exciting to have the quilt TOGETHER!!!! And what a lucky girl to be able to find that fabric too :*) So glad you and Todd were appreciated and will be missed - sounds like they gave you a first-class send-off :*)

Kate said...

Wow, the quilt looks gorgeous! I love the colors you used.

Looks like you and Todd will definitely be missed, very sweet going away tributes.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

All that cammo in honor of you, two. How nice is that?