Friday, January 17, 2014

boxes, babies, minis, and linky parties . . .

Good gravy ... what a busy two days this has been!  It started off yesterday morning, with me headed over to James and Kim's home to watch Sawyer and June.  I stopped off at the post office on the way there (just in case) and sure enough, there was a *box* there for me!!
Traveling stash box #5 had arrived from Yvonne, of That's Sew Creative. YES! Only I didn't dare take it into the house, so I knew going through it was going to have to wait (note:  I did get into it finally, but will save the contents and its giveaway for a post of its own).  Ah well.  Ummm, and please pay no attention to all the 'organic' material on the floor of my car.  It happens, especially when you live in the middle of the woods in a campground!

Kim and James got home and I got to hear the good news that they're expecting baby number THREE on June 13th! WHOOHOOO!!!!
(I already knew they were expecting ... we just weren't sure *when* they were expecting!) They also know *what* they're expecting ... but I have to wait until the 31st when they reveal it!  

From there I traveled on to my regular weekly bookie job ... errr, *bookkeeping* job ... and from there I headed into town to meet with a friend for some Bible study.  I felt like we'd hardly gotten started when it was time for me to leave for dinner with my Stitchers' group before guild!

We had a local speaker for guild last night -- Barbara Black -- who blogs at My Joyful Journey.  Barbara gave a fabulous presentation on the International Quilt Festival/Houston.  
She did a great job and I learned enough to put the Festival on my quilter's bucket list!  ;)

I got home with just enough time to peek inside the stash box, print some documents for our board meeting, and go to bed.  This morning was all a scramble as Todd and I finished up preparations for our seventh annual board meeting for our ministry -- Restoring the Church Ministries.  Once we finished up there (great meeting -- we have a terrific group of men on the board), we headed back to the camp, but I was just there briefly before I headed out to visit a friend who'd just had knee surgery.  *Whew*  It's good to be home for the evening!

On to other things . . . I've (finally) been scanning through my Miniature Quilts magazines and stumbled upon this little (and I do mean little) hexie quilt gem that caught my eye.
Isn't it sweet?  I was really excited about it . . . until I looked at the hexie template for it:
WHOA!  That is the *tip* of my index finger -- the "full-size" template is just shy of 1/2"!  That means in each those 3-1/2" square blocks is a hexie flower that's 2-3/8".  Yikes!!

In that same issue, I also stumbled upon this little Calico Cat quilt...wouldn't this make a darling gift for a cat lover??
It's really quite precious -- and just as tiny as the hexie quilt!  I love the caption under the title, "Hand piece fanciful felines to frolic on floral fabrics."  Say that three times fast!
Another shocker of a template, right?!  I love that they always notate their patterns as "Full-Size".  I think it's for people like me who might be inclined to blow it up by about one hundred twenty percent!!

Ummmm, maybe an easier gift for your cat-loving friend (or yourself!) is to make them a set of note cards from a picture of their favorite feline!
I started with this fairly generic pic of my sweet (and sometimes salty) Gwenevere. I cropped it down to a super tight shot of her face and used some embossing features (found in most photo editing software *and* in EQ) and turned an ordinary pic into something really worthy of the front of note card:
Isn't that fun?  And boy-oh-boy, that pic sure did capture the spirit of our Gwen, too!  The embossing feature is particularly cool with cats because it catches the pattern of their fur...pretty neat looking!

Printed out on note card stock (which you can purchase at most craft or office supply stores) and tied with a ribbon, it makes a lovely thank you, hostess or birthday gift!

And speaking of birthdays . . . today is the birthday of my darling friend, Sarah, of sarah did it!!!  She's celebrating with *two* linky parties ... and *prizes*!!  So go on over and wish her a happy birthday and while you're at it, check out the HeLP for Hexie-aholics and the Feline Friday linky parties!!   Happy birthday, Sarah!!

And that about does me in will do it for me today -- but I'll be sharing *stash* box contents soon!!


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Momof3girls said...

I love the hexies, but I don't think I could work with something that small. It would kill my eyes.

I love the cat quilt too. That is really adorable!

Missy Shay said...

Those note cards are a great idea! I love the calico cat quilt,

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, those tiny hexies are insane, but you could enlarge the cat pattern.

Teresa in Music City said...

Ah! I love those Miniature Quilts magazines!!! I have quite a few of them and look through them often. For me, the smaller the better :*)

Gwen looks like she would not take any nonsense off anybody at anytime!!! Love her coloring and the amazing work you did on her pic!!!

Janet O. said...

Oh, I love that little hexie mini!! I think DD#1 needs to make it for me! Ha Ha. : )

Doniene said...

Busy lady!! But such a good busy!! The hexies are darling - just not on my bucket list!! LOL I'm impressed with the cat cards - I may be referencing this post again and even emailing you for more info!!
Congrats for the new grandbaby!! Ours is due in May!

Blessings and hugs!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I particularly love the hexi miniature but honestly I think I'd have to make it a little bigger. These old eyes just don't see nearly as well as they used to. ;-)

Gina said...

What a busy time you've had. Love the mini's but there's not enough medication in the world to get me to do the hexagons

gina xx

Ranch Wife said...

I;m jumping up and down for joy at your announcement of another grandchild!! Congratulations to all of you. No doubt you are adding lots of fun baby projects now!
That hexi project is darling. and I cannot believe the size of those hexigons!

Ranch Wife said...

And I forgot to add that I love how you made your cat cards!!Very cute and clever! I so enjoy making cards and I often use photos.

Kate said...

Congrats to Kim and James on number 3!

Those are really small blocks, I'd say micro-mini!

Love the "art" print for the card. Very nice.

Sarah said...

Which mini quilt are you doing first? Hexies or cats??!! Love the cat notecard idea. I haven't played much with photos in EQ - might have to try it with the FF gang =^..^=

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

When I was first starting to quilt, I found a great pattern for a bow tie doll quilt. Well, I needed a much larger quilt, and, I sure wasn't going to make tiny, 4 inch squares. I just took the pattern to the local copy store and blew it up. I think the blocks wound up at 8-9 inches, instead. Much more my style (and I didn't know what y-seams were, either, live and learn). I love that hexie quilt, just make larger hexies, and do the rest bigger, too.