Monday, January 27, 2014

design wall blitz and a winner . . .

Now that the urgency of finishing My Orange Crush has been satiated, all the poor projects that had suffered from lack of attention (due to my single-minded focus) can come back out and play.  For example, this would be a truly perfect week to work on my hexie-snowflake (considering temps are to dip into the single digits again this week):
And to play again (errr, for the first time) with my Little Boy's Breeches from the Grandmother's Choice blocks:
Plus I've added the CQ Valentine heart (which I did nothing with yesterday, because we started a new church assignment which I'm very excited about and were gone pretty much all day):

*OR* . . . I *could* get out the pineapple UFO (a BOM from....2007?!?) and start working feverishly on it.  Here's the finished sample front and back . . .
I have all the blocks completed and all the applique done (I did the center block in applique and embroidered the corner pineapple blocks) ... it's a matter of setting that huge center applique on point, and then assembling all the pieces of the quilt together. Hmmm . . . maybe before the end of February?!? Bahaha!!!

I'm also on the lookout for a pattern (or encouragement to create my own) that's somewhat similar to the one pictured on the sweet little dress here, from Well Dressed Wolf:
Kim would like an Easter dress for June with a similar motif on it.  Isn't it darling? Looks like it's time to put pencil to paper! I'm thinking this would be gorgeous with a sun filled with single strand French knots!  Any thoughts?

Linking up to the Design Wall Monday post over at Patchwork Times!

OH!  And before I forget, generated the winning number for the traveling stash box. Congrats to Doniene from Now it's just quilts!!!  I hope to get this out the door TODAY!

Happy Monday!


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Barbara B said...

Since you're on a roll after MOC, I say get that pineapple quilt done!

Have a happy day!

Needled Mom said...

So much to look forward to in your sewing adventures!!! That little dress is darling.

Ramona said...

Your pineapple quilt is beautiful.. the front and the back! :) I miss making little girl clothes. Your idea sounds wonderful.

Missy Shay said...

I love your snowflake!

Doniene said...

Wow, girlfriend - what wonderful projects - how's a girl to choose!! We're supposed to be cold too - so maybe I'll get stitching in, too!! Oh, but I'm so distracted - can't wait for the stash box!!

Thank you, thank you!!

A Big Bucket of Blessings!

Pieces of Time said...

You are a true power stitcher!!
Jane in KS

Kathie said...

You have lots of choices on what to work on!!

Janet O. said...

Come on, Denise, FOCUS!! *LOL* That's how Orange Crush got done, remember?
(Like I have room to talk!)
I can just picture June in a sweet dress of your creation. And if you choose to embellish it with all of those little French Knots, more power to you!! : )
Congrats to Doniene!

Jean(ie) said...

QADD - quilt attention defecit disorder... LOL! ("Look! A new project!")

Work on the snowflake. That will help you decompress from the orange crush project. Then you can start fresh with the pineapple.

Congrats to the box winner!
Stay warm, dear.

Mary said...

LOL, And I thought I was the one who couldn't decide what to work on next. Choices, Choices. Donieneis lucky I think. Scraps can take over sometimes as you saw on my Blog post today.

Marsha Hodgkins said...

OOOh. I love the Hexie Snowflake. I'm going to have to go back through your posts as I forgot about it if I saw if previously. Love it and must do!!!
Work on it some more so I can drool!


Sharon said...

So much to do! I vote for the Valentine! It looks like the start of a lovely block.

Teresa in Music City said...

Such fun projects to look forward to - for you and for us! :*) The Pineapple UFO is amazing!!! But I vote for starting with the snowflake, especially since it's already have done..... Okay, I really can't wait to see how it turns out, so hurry, okay?

Kate said...

You have lots of fun projects going on. I love the Pineapple quilt, its gorgeous.

I'm trying to get caught up on blogs, last week it was impossible to get any time on the computer.