Friday, November 16, 2012

a little guild-y pleasure . . .

GREAT guild meeting last night.  On top of having some incredibly talented members (and at over 200 members, I'm talking a *lot* of talent) we have some of the most entertaining members, as well!  Our program last night featured Pat Kyser, one of our charter members, and was called Threads of Love.  
She broke open her "family vaults" and shared how her love of quilting developed and how she's used that gift to make memories in her family.  Her delivery was quite hilarious -- she's a natural story teller -- and those of us there left with a greater appreciation both for Pat and the importance of quilts in a family.  It was truly fabulous!  I grabbed a number of pictures, but the slide show pics are really dark, and I have trouble taking pictures of quilts from the back of the room (which is where I was sitting -- easiest seats to get to in the boot).

I did manage to grab a semi-decent shot of the quilt we'll be using as our raffle quilt for the 2013 Fanfare Quilt Show:
Isn't it gorgeous?  It's called Fall Fanfare.  You can bet I will buy a ticket or two!

I also made a fabulous find at the "free to a good home" table . . . 
According to my calculations, over TWO HUNDRED patters for mini quilts!  Yay!! I'd never heard of this magazine before ... which isn't surprising, seeing as how they're all dated between 1993 and 1996.  Anyway, I figured I could go through them, see if anything interests me and when I'm finished, take them back to the table or offer them up here, if anyone's interested in perusing them.

I also found this . . . 
Trapunto:  The Handbook of Stuffed Quilting.  I've always wondered about this and again figured I could read through the book and when I was done, take it back or offer it up here.

And finally, for a mere couple of bucks, I won a silent auction!!
The pattern was cute, but not really where my interest was (I already have two tea cozy patterns).
Yes, this is where my interest *really* was.  Look at all these pretty fat quarters! Except the black and pink, which is a half-yard.  Five bucks for all that pretty fabric!  And a tea cozy pattern.  Anyone need a tea cozy pattern?!  :)

And, again, what kind of Friday would it be without a little feline in it???
Leia and her ability to truly "lie around" objects really cracks me up.  She's such a funny little gal!  When Todd and I went over for dinner earlier in the week, she jumped right up next to Todd and sat there watching him.  At one point when I walked back into the living room, she ran to the arm of the couch next to me, jumped up on it, and stood on her hind feet to get close to my face ... I wonder what in the world she was thinking?!  The mind of a cat . . .

Check out other feline antics over at Sarah Did It! and Feline Friday!

Tonight, the last of my birthday presents . . . Todd and I are headed out to dinner and then to see It's a Wonderful Life.  
One of my TOP **favorite** Christmas movies -- in play form!  I'm so excited!!!!

Have a fabulous Friday!


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Paula said...

Enjoy your night out!

Sarah said...

You and your great titles!!

Score on the mini quilt mags. Are those hexies on the blue cover????????????? I have a number of them as an old friend gave me her collection. I think I am only missing a dozen or so magazines after also finding some in Franklin, TN. They are a great magazine.

Ok we need to teach Leia some english cuz I would love to know what she's thinking. For her to get that close to you guys seems a bit unusual...

Have fun at the show - it's one of my fav movies.

Missy Shay said...

I love "It's a Wonderful Life!" I never thought of a tea cozy before, I always wondered how you were supposed to keep ceramic tea pots hot!

Michelle said...

Oooh -- that's one of my favorite quilt magazines! Back when I was just accumulating fabric and planning quilts, I promised myself a subscription as soon as I *made* a few. And by the time I'd done that, they'd stopped publishing.

That's what happens when you try to be good! :-(

Mary said...

Our Little Theater is doing White Christmas. it's on my list for next week, unless the DH gets home in time tonight. I love to go and see the many plays offered by our Local area.
Continued Happy Birthday...

Janet O. said...

What a great bundle of magazines. I would be interested in seeing some if you decide to pass them on. My Mom used to buy them but only had one left by the time I knew I wanted them (Mom is not a saver). I would pay postage.
That cat is a hoot!!
I love local theater. We went to The King and I last month. I need to see what Christmas productions are going on. You have a great birthday night out. : )

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow! What a fun filled post!
Yes, you do have a very large quilt guild and what a stunning quilt with beautiful colors...can anyone buy a ticket? And you surely did get some Fabulous finds!!! Please do let me know when you are done with the Trapunto book and if you would like to find another "home" for it, I have always wanted to try that. I would pay for shipping too :o)

haha Leia looks very comfy! and it would be fun to know what pets are thinking of!

Oh! Happy Birthday! We love that movie every year during Christmas :o)How wonderful to watch it as a play.

Sorry my comment is so wordy! I announced the winnerS of my art giveaway! Please go to my post Zip-dee-doo-dah! to find out more, if you are still interested in the giveaway. *your name was mentioned!*

Blessings & Aloha!

Kate said...

Very cool stuff you picked up. Love that pink and black.