Friday, November 02, 2012

tr-tr-tr-traveling . . .

This stash was made for traveling;
That's what it's going to do!
One of these days this stash
Is gonna travel to one of you!

Whoohoo!!  Anyone who knows me, knows I've been stalking the traveling stash box(es) for quite some time now.  Imagine how thrilled I was when Barb, from Mountain Quiltworks, announced I was next in line for the box she had!

It came yesterday ... I opened up that box and POP!
Stuff just kind of *sprang* out of it!
Seriously ... there's a lot of fabric in this box ... and fun patterns ... and notions ... WOW!

Okay, this is what I'm looking at taking out.  
I haven't for sure decided yet, but it will definitely be from among these items.

And here's a little peek at some of the things that will go back in.  I may have to get a bigger box! 

So, the question is . . . who wants it next??!  If you do, the rules are simple:

  1. Be an active blogger. Post about receiving and the giveaway on your blog in a timely manner.
  2. There is a note in the box that logs where the box has been. Please add your info and place the note back in the box.
  3. There is a list of Rules and Guidelines in the box. Please read and follow these and return the list to the box.
  4. You may take anything you like from the box. Just replace every item with comparable quilt shop quality items equal to the amount taken. See guidelines below.
  5. Ship the box to the next person in a reasonable amount of time.
  6. Due to the amount of postage shipping is only within the USA.
Okay, on to the most fun part!  One of the reasons I have loved the idea of opening up a traveling stash box is because it's such fun to look at other quilter's fabrics!!  And to be able to snag a fat quarter or two?!  YAY!  With that in mind, is there a fabric you've seen on *my* blog that you'd like to see in that box if it was coming to you?  If you want this stash box traveling your way next, all you have to do is agree to follow the above rules *and* leave a comment answering my question!  You don't have to be a follower, but it's awfully nice if you are!  

I'll leave this open through Monday, November 5th @ 12:00 p.m. -- and then I'll let pick a winner!  This way I can hopefully have it on the mail by the 6th -- since my surgery is on the 7th and I won't be traveling anywhere for a bit after that!

And, what kind of new grandma would I be if I didn't toss in a couple of pics?
Beautiful Baby June!
Fashionista Ellie!  :)
Ellie is quite taken with June!
Sawyer?  Not so easily impressed.  Though he did love the Buzz Lightyear
 backpack that his baby sister got for him! But here he's tugging on my hand saying,
"C'mon Neesey!  Let's leave the castle!"  Castle is what he calls the hospital.  :)

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Have a *GREAT* weekend!!


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Vroomans' Quilts said...

So happy you won a box - boy you got a great box! I have enjoyed a number of fabrics you have used, but I love the teapot fabric I spy in that pile.

Love Bears All Things said...

Congratulations on the new "grand" and the traveling stash box.
Mama Bear

Janet O. said...

Looks like a fun box to open up, but I will pass. I am too easily distracted from the Christmas gifts I am supposed to be making as it is! : )
June is going to just get cuter everyday--like we watched Ellie do. Love Sawyer's name for the hospital.

Jean(ie) said...

Yay, a baby June!!! She has a happy smile.

Paula said...

COngrats on the stash box.
baby June is adorable. I think Sawyer is in for some big changes.
Enjoy your week-end

Sarah said...

OMG - you want me to pick just one fabric? not possible as I love them all. The g-kids are all adorable and I can't believe you caught June laughing already!

pizzaeater said...

What adorable pictures. I would love to get the traveling stash box. Maybe it will like to come to my house for a visit.

DocSly said...

What a nifty idea. I love fabrics with red on them and there are a few in the box. The grandbabies are beautiful. Take care and I would happily subtract and add to the stash.

Barb N said...

Isn't it fun when all the fabric just pops out? For anyone who hasn't had the Stash Box yet, it does literally POP! Fun, fun. Glad you found some good fabrics/patterns. Love your grandkid pics!

Deanna said...

I would love a chance for some stash fun. And I have goodies to add.

Angie@sewscrappyquilts said...

Congratulations on getting the box, but mostly on the beautiful new grandbaby. Any fabric that you put in would be wonderful. I hope all goes well with your surgery and you recuperate quickly.

Missy Shay said...

I love your cat fabric, but I wouldn't encourage you to part with any of it! LOL This sounds like a fun idea! said...

Oh I do love a good charm pack!!
And a fat cat. But please don't put him in the box!!!
Good Luck with your surgery!!

Becky said...

Congrats on winning this Stash box! Would love if you shared some of your buttons in the stash box. Take care!

Judy D in WA said...

OH MY, how fun was that to open??? I would love to know that feeling. ;0)

Your babies are gorgeous! And I hope Sawyer never learns that the hospital is really not a castle.