Tuesday, November 06, 2012

stash on the run . . .

It's time for the traveling stash to move on!  I stuck the numbers into random.org yesterday and now there's a new stash winner . . . 

who said:
The stash is headed to your house for a visit, Lisa -- I'll have the box packed up and to the post office this very day!

By the way -- I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Cherise of Sewingly Along.  She does an incredible job of keeping up with all the assorted traveling stashes and keeping bloggers posted as to their whereabouts and whatnot.  Thanks, Cherise!!  :)

In other news, I finally did finish my tree trunk:
I really do like the the way the stitching makes it look like the trunk of a tree!  One more exercise and I am finished with Lesson 3.  Whew! 

Also, as many of my fellow Americans will do today, I am heading to the polls and exercising my right to vote!  Regardless of your political leanings, it's such an honor to go and 'pull the lever'. 
                               Source                                                 Source

It's a hard won right and as a woman, an even harder won right -- which makes today the perfect day to go check out Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice latest blog entry chronicling Susan B. Anthony's interpretation of the Constitution and her first vote.

Plus, don't forget that change is taking place all over blog land today.  
Change purses, that is!  The UR Priceless Hop, Day 2, carries on today and here's the line up:

Tuesday - Day 2 - Nov. 6th

Were you as amazed as I was at the fantastic creativity and diversity with these little purses?!  SUCH fun!!  Don't forget to come back here tomorrow to see my offering!

There's still a little time to get in on the giveaway of When Hope Blossoms.  That one ends at noon today.

I'm off to spend a little time with Sawyer and June . . . hope your day holds some wonderful plans, too!


3 expressed . . .:

Paula said...

Congratulations to Lisa!
Have a great day with Sawyer and June.

Jean(ie) said...

Yay pizzaeater! Have fun with the box and all the goodies.

Have a great day with the kiddos. Big hugs, and positive thoughts for tomorrow. love u!

Sarah said...

I voted at 6:30 this morning - why put it off when there is no line at o-dark-thirty. Almost went in my flannel pj bottoms, but I didn't ;)