Monday, November 05, 2012

to be honest . . .

I could pretty much post the *exact* same pictures from last week's design wall post and you'd know exactly what was [still] on my design wall. What can I say? It was really that kind of week!  Unfortunately, with surgery coming up on Wednesday, I'm afraid this week will be no better.  *sigh*  I will continue to work on my Redwork course ... I've made some progress on my tree:
See how the stitching doesn't just fill in the trunk of the tree, but actually gives it bark-like texture?  I'm *so* enjoying this!

My projects are piling up.  I need to stop trying new things and finish some old things, already!  It's just that *new* things are such fun!  LOL!  It's a sickness, I tell ya'!  I'm sure if you head over to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times, you'll find far more interesting design walls than mine!

One thing I *do* know for sure, though, is that today kicks off the UR Priceless blog hop! 
I've been seeing snippets of these darling little purses here and there and I'm *so* anxious to see what fabulous creations folks have come up with!  You can start with this fabulous of today's participants:

Me?  Oh yes, I'm participating!  My day is the 7th.  That date ring a bell?? Gracious!  Here's a little tantalizing tidbit . . . 

I was going to stick a photo in here of the quilting bunk room (which needs my attention bAdLy), but decided I couldn't handle the pressure of putting that mess out there in front of y'all.  ;)

Instead, why don't I wrap this up with she-who's-responsible-for-occupying-most-of-my thoughts/energy/time of late . . . 

Love me some Baby June!  Photo credits go to her daddy.  :)

The Traveling Stash giveaway will close at noon today, central time!  Click HERE to enter!  And if you're a bookworm, check out my review and giveaway of When Hope BlossomsHERE!

Have a great Monday -- make it count!


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Carol Gipson said...

I didn't realize you were having surgery this week. You'll be in my prayers!

The pictures of June are precious. James has such a good eye for photography. Such talent in your family!!

Much love! :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Okay - what did I miss??? Surgery??? Details!!!! I hate it when I get behind on my blogs!

I love your tree! What kind of floss are you using? It looks thicker than DMC. That texture is really cool :*)

I have some of that fabric on the left for your purse - it is absolutely yummy!!!! It looks great with the others. That blue is very interesting too :*)

And of course words fail for little June! What a cute baby! And daddy has a photographer's talent I see. Great photos!!!

Connie said...

I didn't realize you were having surgery this week either, I hope everything goes well. Beautiful photos of the little one and your tree looks wonderful!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great fabric tease! Cute photos. Take it easy after surgery my dear - my best to you.

Linda said...

Your little granddaughter is adorable! Her daddy did a wonderful job on the photography!
Good luck in the surgery. Prayers for a quick and painless recovery!

Michelle said...

Precious pictures of little June! Good luck with your surgery this week!

Lee D said... way hope it all goes well and i wish for a great recovery. Your stitchery is looking great. Who cares if you start new projects we all need the excitment once in awhile. June is adorable and amazing photos.I wonder what you have created now with those beautiful fabrics.

Janet O. said...

What surgery?
The stitchery is beautiful and so are your fabrics for the blog hop.
June's photos are priceless!
Again, what surgery?

Jean(ie) said...

Oh my. I didn't know about your surgery. Sending prayer your way. June... beautiful baby girl and worthy of all the fuss :-)

I love your fabrics posted for the UR Priceless thingy. I can't wait to see what you whip up!

Big hugs from the PNW

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are just so sweet. I understand why your time is otherwise occupied. The stitching on your tree looks great.

Val said...

The photos of the granddaughter make her look adorable. I like your tree stitching. It is very good bark stitch. Your purse fabrics look exciting.

c. Joy said...

Life has been so busy lately I'm sorry I didn't read about your (?) upcoming surgery. You are in my thoughts - you have so much to be healthy for and I know you know that. Sweet dreams.

Grammasheri said...

Praying the surgery goes well, Denise. You'll have some stitching time to finish up that tree while you recover. And maybe lots of lap time for Baby June?


Mary said...

Prayers for you. Hope it is not the scary surgery kind. Fun stitchin' Adorable June. The 'in the net' is unique. Crazy!

Sarah said...

OMG baby June-bug in a bag is just adorable!!!