Sunday, November 04, 2012

said no quilter ever (stash report #44) . . .

When I saw this posted on facebook yesterday, I just knew how appropriate it would be to share it with my stash [enhancement] report today:
Too true, right?!?  I so love it!

I can hardly believe I have very little to report this week.  Wait a minute ... what am I saying?  This past week was *crazy* but there sure wasn't any sewing involved ... and sure not any shopping!  The addition I have is the sweet little autumn fabric gift Janet sent me the week prior, that I forgot to add.  Since I still haven't quite decided how much I'm taking/adding to the traveling stash box, I can't figure that -- although the numbers should pretty much cancel each other out -- that's the whole point!  (Interested in that traveling stash box??  Check it out HERE!)

Used/donated this week: 1.25 yards (Through the Wicked Window)
Used/donated year-to-date: 38.0 yards
Purchased/added this week: 0.25 yards
Purchased/added year-to-date: 163.00 yards
Net used/donated for 2012: -125.0 yards

At least it was a step in the right direction.  So what if it's a baby step -- what can anyone expect? I'm preoccupied with babies right now!  Be sure to head over to  Patchwork Times and check out the other 'enhancement' reports!

As far as 'stitcheries' go, mostly I'm working on my Redwork course through StitchMAP.  I'm learning an awful lot -- I never thought of redwork as more than the backstitch, but that's definitely not the case!  Here's a simple running stitch and a backstitch:
I'll use this one again in future lessons.  

Then a stem stitch (around the cap and filling in the stem), the split stitch (around the berry) and 'seed' stitches:

And the butterfly is outlined with (appropriately) an outline stitch and filled with a split stitch:
He's not finished, either.  His antennae and his eye and perhaps legs (?) will be taken care of in a future less as well.

And the tree I'm stitching now will be outlined *and* filled with the stem stitch:
Among other things, I've also learned how to start and finish my stitches properly ... it's all fascinating to me!  Head over to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday to check out what else is being 'stitched' on this week!

And why not end on a summer note?  A "June" note, to be precise . . .
He's not totally enamored with his baby sister yet.  He told me yesterday, "No. Neesey you no hold Baby June.  You is Sawyer's Neesey."

Rut roh!  I chose to accommodate and waited until he'd gone down for his nap. Bless his little heart!


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Kate said...

Every little bit helps! Love the "fabric" quote!

You have had a busy week. Hopefully Sawyer will soon get used to Sharing his Neesy.

Teresa in Music City said...

Rut roh is right!!! Poor Sawyer - he has no idea just how much his world has just changed :*D But he'll get used to it and he'll love her SO much!!! I am impressed with all you are learning in your Redwork course! I love the different looks of the stitches. Like you, I had no idea!

Cathy said...

With all that you have going on right now, it's amazing you got any stitching done at all!! Poor Sawyer, he's used to being the star of the show, so to speak. He doesn't look too happy with the new addition.

Janet O. said...

I haven't done any stitchery for so long, I don't know any of these stitches anymore.
Oh, Sawyer has green-eyed fever. So hard for little ones to make way for a new addition when they have reigned in a solitary position so well! : )

Mary said...

Sawyer will be a great Big Brother. He just needs his time with "Neesey" too. Love the stitches. I have a couple/12 to do for the 2012 Shop Hop Quilt. I need a Road trip.

Paula said...

Thanks for sharing the stitchin info.
It sure is tough to be a first born and then have someone else come in and now you have to share your time! Poor Sawyer. It is tough to be the big brother in the beginning. He will learn to love and protect her, in time.
Hugs, tickles and a couple of belly raspberries for Sawyer.

Dar said...

What a precious little girl. Your redwork is really looking good. I didn't know there were so many stitches involved with redwork either. Sounds like you have having fun learning them.

Deanna said...

Great "no quilter ever" quote. Yep, it applies to every one I know.

Sarah said...

Apparently I wasn't quite enamored when my brother arrived either. He'll come around :) I also had no idea there were so many bits to red work...lookingn forward to watchig your class progress...