Thursday, November 15, 2012

the best laid plans . . .

Can sometimes be improved upon, trust me!  Because I'd had this yesterday set up to take care of some administrative stuff in the morning and then play in fabric all afternoon and into the late hours of the evening (well ... like 10 p.m.).  BUT ... I got a text ... a *great* text ... a text from Kim wanting to know if I'd like some company today.  


So mid-morning she, Sawyer, and June came over -- it was June's first visit over the river and through the woods to Neesey's house!  Kim and Sawyer went searching for some pine cones.  While they did that, June and I got better acquainted.
Isn't she just precious?!  She's two weeks old already!  [I almost laughingly inserted, "She'll be one in no time," but it's not really funny.  I was on the phone with Jocelyn today and she said, "Ellie's standing up.  Just standing there."  She'll be ONE in less than two months.  Boooo hooo!!!]  June needs to take it waaaaaaaay slow!

Then, when Sawyer and Kim came back, Kim fed June and Sawyer and I headed out for a RIDE! We finally got the golf cart fixed and so we went up to the upper field to chat with the cows and to see if we could find any more deer.
By the way -- we didn't find any deer.  I'm not sure why . . . Sawyer called and called and called for them . . . !!!

They left in time to get afternoon naps in, and so I finished up with my admin stuff.  I did bake some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!

And I put on my orange border and have halfway quilted the top.  
I decided that I'll back it with the darker purple and use that to bind it, both. How's that for an awful lot of purple?  LOL!  I think the purple binding looks nice. 

And I've got to share this lovely, lovely squishy that arrived in the mail . . . 
Aren't these panels darling?  It's Sandy Lynam Clough's line, Friendship Tea, by Red Rooster.  I adore Sandy's tea books and have been a follower of her website for many, many years (long before I was quilting). 
The script reads, "For friendships sent down from above ~ May this tea be steeped with love."  Sharon, from Vrooman's Quilts, said she saw it and thought of me.  I'm so, so touched.  Sharon, it's absolutely delightful!!   And check out this coordinating print:
And I had to take some closeups of the little cups, too, because they're just so darling!
Oh gracious, the possibilities are whirling through my mind!!  I'm sipping a cup of tea right now ... totally inspired!

I'm not sure what today will bring . . . but tonight is guild!  I missed last month, so I'm anxious to get there and catch up with the gals.  Our program is a trunk show by one of our charter members, and I'm looking forward to it.  I'll have to make sure the camera is in my purse with a charged battery!


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Agnes B Bullock said...

Two weeks already! Now is the perfect time to "teach" her about fabric- start with that great package you received!

BTW- she is gorgeous!

Linda said...

She's adorable! What a great day! (And I can't believe the deer didn't just flock to that precious little boy!)

Needled Mom said...

What a delightful change of plans!!! She is precious.

I love the teacups! They are so elegant looking.

Barb said...

What fun for jealous over here.

The tea cups are just precious!

Janet O. said...

You can live with a change of plans like that anytime, right?
I can't understand why you didn't see deer. I'm sure Sawyer asked nicely.
The dark purple for binding is a great finish IMHO--and you can tell DH I said so. : )
PERFECT fabric for you--how thoughtful of Sharon!

Paula said...

June is adorable. Time sure can fly, can't it? Sawyer is so young man looking. Ellie is standing??? Oh my! Mom and dad will soon be on the run. :)
Your hexie topper is looking good. I think I may have to join a hexie anonymous group. I have been working on a project and have it all ready for our travel this winter. Along with MANY other projects. Dreamer, that is what I am. If I finish all the projects I have packed to go it will be a miracle.
How is your foot? When you be able to walk around without the boot?

Mary said...

YES, please take pictures at your Guild Meeting. I should suggest a Trunk show in place of our normal show and share or program. It would be great fun to be distracted by a Grands visit. One more week for me...I can't wait to hear the pitter- patter of their little feet Thanksgiving Morning.

Jean(ie) said...

She totally pegged you with that fabric. Perfect!!!!

Baby June was just born... How can she be two weeks old already? Oh my... it is flying by. And she is so darn precious! And Ellie standing? Look out world...

Doniene said...

Denise, I'm not sure how we missed each other, either!! But I am so thrilled to have now met you. I thank you for all your sweet comments! I think that meeting and actually "talking" to fellow bloggers is the best part of blogging!! I've seen this teacup fabric before and I too just love it!!! I have a small collection of tea cups - but just haven't gotten any this fabric yet!

June is adorable!! What a nice way to be "interrupted"!!! And those cookies - yummy - just may go and bake some myself!!

Have a blessed day!

Barbara F. said...

June is so precious and beautiful, my God, she is so alert and smiling for just two weeks!!! Sawyer is growing so fast too, as well as Ellie. Time flies, :( xo

Sarah said...

Really 2 weeks already? She appears older. No matter what, June is a beauty! Great tea fabric!

Katherines Corner said...

what a doll! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

Kate said...

June is definitely a little doll. They do grow up way to fast. I look at DT and wonder some days what how we got from there to here so fast!

Love the tea cup fabrics. It's gorgeous!