Wednesday, October 12, 2011

trying to fit it all in . . .

I have so much to share! Let me note, right off the bat, that this post *does* include pictures of my foot -- without the cast -- about five photos down. They're not particularly gruesome, but they do show my stitches and staples. If you're queasy about that sort of thing, just know that the two pics after the birthday cake, are foot pics. Then it goes back to safer pics. :)

First, in yesterday's mail I GOT A SQUISHY! I was so excited! When Todd brought the box in, he said, "You've got a package from a far away place, from someone I don't know." I was completely perplexed, until I saw the return address. It was from my darling friend PAULA!!! Paula has a blog started ... Inititally PMS ... but she hasn't posted to it yet. Even so, I'm her number one follower! She also used to keep a blog on her RV travels, which is how I found her. We're also friends on facebook, and she posted a status in March that was a Pay It Forward status. She would send a homemade gift to the first five folks who commented under her status, as long as they agreed to do the same. I didn't hesitate to comment.

But look at all this fun stuff!! She went far beyond the Pay it Forward item! That was the little mug rug -- with the embroidered "Cup of Tea?" center. Isn't it cute?!? She did such a great job!
The box of Lindt's Petites Desserts came with a tag of "First Aid Kit". LOL! And then there was a Goose Berry Patch recipe book, a darling little notepad, and a very sweet little bracelet, made up of beads that basically walks through the life of Jesus. I was completely overwhelmed by such a thoughtful, generous, and fun gift package!

Monday night we celebrated my birthday. We were going to celebrate at the pavilion up at the camp, but we got held up at the doctor's office and it was getting late, so James offered their home. That way they could feed Sawyer and put him down and we could continue to visit. So that's what we did!

We just did a simple pizza party -- my favorite, Rafael's pizza! Oh yeah, the best pizza around!

It's so fun to watch Sawyer and Todd together. Sawyer loves his Paw-paw! And of course, Sawyer really was the center of the show. And he *loves* pizza! He normally eats at least two pieces on his own!

Jocelyn and Todd both thought they were sneaking some sugars, but what they were really getting was pizza sauce!! :)

My birthday cakes was *wonderful*!! It was a heavenly chocolate butter cream creation from Peggy Ann's Bakery, and tasted delicious! Poor thing had taken a bit of a hit, being transported hither and yon, but it didn't effect the taste!

Such pretty fall colors, too!! It was a lovely evening -- any time spent with my family is wonderful -- I know how blessed I am to have such loving and caring children -- including both of their darling spouses -- and grandchildren, and especially, my darling, wonderful husband!

* * * * * warning! two slightly graphic photos ahead * * * * *

I mentioned that my doctor's appointment kept us late. I'd had a 3:30 pm appointment, but didn't get called back out of the waiting room until 4:45. Whew. Dr. DeOrio had been out on vacation the week prior, and I was a work-in appointment, which didn't help. Anyway, we did finally get back there and the first thing the tech did was remove my old cast. She told us to be prepared for a rough looking foot; Todd and I told her it couldn't be worse than anything we'd seen before (like HERE). And it really wasn't bad at all . . .

At first I had a hard time processing that it was really my foot. But it really didn't look too bad. There was no bleeding out and while it was very, very swollen (and a little misshapen), it didn't really look all that badly bruised. I did tell Jocelyn that it looked like I had a hobbit foot that had been shaved. LOL! It really does.

This is a shot of the bottom of the heel; I'd never had staples before. I'm betting those will be fun to take out. Yeesh. The blue mark? Where Dr. DeOrio marked it on the morning of the surgery, showing me where the pins would go. He was pretty spot-on!

Then Dr. DeOrio came in, checked it out, and said everything looked really, really good. The only concern he had was the lack of movement of my big toe -- he pushed and pulled on it so much I was literally coming off the table. He told me (and Todd) to work on flexing and curling that toe, so that the ligament didn't tighten up and require another surgery. I promised him I would, but that I'd make sure I was on pain meds first!!! Really -- it was the closest I'd come to crying (due to pain) since the surgery!

Then they turned around and put me back into a cast. Last time when I had a choice, I choose purple. This time around I chose Roll Tide red. And the tech even went ahead and gave me an Alabama "A" -- wasn't that nice? She did a really good job. Since Todd gave me a new Roll Tide shirt for my birthday, I'll be all decked out on game day! And look, my toe nails even match my current color scheme!

They also gave me a nifty little high-tech gadget. An ultrasound bone healing system. Wow.

Pretty nifty stuff. It came complete with the gel and everything. It's really cool. It goes right into a hole in my cast (that has a cap on it, like a gas cap) and I use it for twenty minutes every day. It doesn't hurt, and actually, I barely feel it at all -- just a little *twinge* every now and then during the twenty minutes. We were talking to the tech who brought it in and showed me how to use it; he said that statistics show that it increases bone healing in over 85% of the people who use it. He went on to say that the statistic includes people who have factors that limit healing, like smoking and diabetes and since neither of those apply to me, the likelihood of it being successful for me increases. To all that I say, GREAT!

That is very, very encouraging. My bones healed very, very nicely after the initial break, so we're hoping that my bone will promptly encompass the donor bone and that the ultrasound will encourage and speed up the process. I go back on October 31 (we scheduled a morning appointment this time--LOL!) and they'll take x-rays simulating weight bearing. It's all quite fascinating. More than anything, though, my prayer is that I'll just be able to walk without pain. :)

Tomorrow I'll come back and show off all my fall decorating. Today, Joc is coming over to stay with me and she's bringing pumpkins from the pumpkin patch! Whoohoo!! If the weather stays nice, we're going to sit outside and play with pumpkins. We will draw, color, carve and sculpt. I may even roast some pumpkin seeds! I so *adore* this time of the year!


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Jean said...

My niece had foot surgery and she called hers "Franken-Foot". Actually your foot looks great considering what it went through. Seriously!

Your squishy package --- how fun! I got a surprise pack yesterday too! but yours has chocolate and homemade love in it. So yours is by far more-gooder.

Glad to see you healing well. Love the Roll Tide cast, too!

Barbara F. said...

Denise, I am glad it is over and you are healing beautifully. Hope you have a wonderful pumpkin patch day and I want to see the pumpkins when they are finished! xo

Pat said...

Glad the doctor was pleased with how the foot is healing for you. Enjoy your pumpkin carving today! Sawyer is amazing to eat TWO pieces of pizza. I have a granddaughter who is 7 and usually only eats one piece!!!

Quilt Hollow said...

I'm glad that the healing of the foot is happening....because Denise...those photos are really scary! I just can't even imagine! Your birthday pizza and cake are making me hungry! Yum!! That high tech gadget isn't something I've seen before...nifty! I'm glad you aren't in pain because girl....I'm thinking ouch!! Will be back soon for another visit!!

Cathy said...

Having a loving and supportive family has to be one of the greatest blessings there is. And when all members of that family love Christ............. there can be nothing better. You are blessed, indeed.

Connie said...

Keep flexing that big toe so you don't have to have another surgery! Cute cast!

Sarah said...

Somehow I wasn't expecting your foot to be that swollen and then have a cast put on again. Hopefully it will heal quickly with your magic machine and in the meantime you have lots of friends and family to take care of you!

LuAnn said...

I'm so glad you are healing nicely. Your birthday cake is just about the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. I'm glad you had a nice day.

Deanna said...

Your foot looks good! Seriously! It is in good shape for the shape it is in.

Bonnie said...

Love the color coordinated cast/toenails/school colors. Of course I am partial to red... not necessarily Tide's colors. I'm a Southern Cal fan. Hope you can do some hand quilting while you are "foot impaired!"

A Gracious Home said...

That's the prettiest cast I've ever seen. I hope you are healed now. Doylene