Monday, October 29, 2012

design expectations . . .

The design part being what's got potential to grab my attention this week . . . the expectations part totally revolving around Baby June!  Fair enough, right?!  

So really, my design wall is up in the air (haha -- and in this case, *not* literally). There's limited potential here:
With my Grandmother's Choice blocks (of which I'm now five behind).

There's possibly potential here:
It would be nice to get these stitched together and make it a usable topper before Wednesday, right?

And other than finishing up June's baby quilt, that's pretty much it on my DW.  Be sure to check out Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times and see whose got what on the wall!

I *do* have some other things to share.  I found another very sweet squishy waiting for me in the box (at the post office) the other day--
Isn't it lovely?!?  From Janet at Rogue Quilter.  It's so *me* -- autumn colors and gilded in gold!!  I was just tickled pink ... I think fabric is the next best thing to cats for petting.  :)

And . . . I wanted to share this find:
Buttons, buttons, buttons -- a plethora (I love that word in its non-blood sense) of buttons!!!  I talked about Sir's a couple of weeks ago.  They have buttons by the pound.  And what fun buttons they are, too!  
There were at least four of these pretty hearts and four of the silver snowflakes, as well.
And how fun is this little impromptu face?  Oh the magic I can make with buttons!  

I don't know why I'm in such a baking mood lately.  Yesterday our cookie du jour was peanut butter. 
As with the ginger snaps, I only made half the recipe and then only baked half the dough. And as with the ginger snaps, they didn't last long.  Something about a homemade cookie just tastes better.  :)

Sunday School went exceptionally well yesterday morning -- I had six girls!  It's going to be a fun class, now that it's a permanent thing.  Our afternoon fellowship also went swimmingly.  It was actually an appreciation celebration for our pastor and his wife.  They were both very pleasantly surprised and it was a blast!!

Finally, my teaser for the day . . . 
Oh what a *Wicked* mess I'm weaving!!!  Be sure to come back tomorrow and check out what I've created!

In the meantime, have fun by checking out today's Wicked offerings!

Happy hopping and happy Monday!!

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Karin said...

It is always such fun to pop in and see what you have up your sleeve! What a wonderful package from Janet - she is so generous - I know that you will make something beautiful from that darling fabric! Good for you for making another table mat - the one you made for your mom was so pretty. I made gingersnaps the other day too - they never lat long around here, but homemade cookies rarely do! Keeping Baby June and your family in prayer that all goes well and that you are soon rocking your newest blessing!

Teresa in Music City said...

That Janet is such a sweetie pie - she send you some yummy fabric :*) And those buttons!!! Ooo-la-la!

If I had a grandbaby on the way, I wouldn't have anything on my design wall I don't think. Too much "up in the air" as you say. I just can't think that way. But your GC blocks look great - you'll catch up when things settle down. Come on June!!!!

Janet O. said...

So, are you going to put that owl in a ring of fire? HaHaHa!!
Glad you like the fabric--it needed a home where it would be petted and loved, not buried and forgotten, like it had been here.
Oh, you and your cookies--first the ginger snaps (my favorite) and now the peanut butter (DH's favorite). You are a temptress--I can smell them baking already!!
What fun buttons! My button jar is pretty boring--nothing fun like you have. Mine are all snipped off the men's shirts I cut up for quilting.
Here you go, teasing us again. A temptress and a tease. : )

Lee D said...

peanut butter cookies, ginger cookies, oh my. buttons, hexies, string you are stirring up a interesting brew!!!

Jean(ie) said...

Cookies! I made homemade oreos this weekend. love em.

Oh those buttons! I'd be scooping up tons of them, just so I could take them home and play with them in my lap... Yep, still a child.

hugs to your family on the birth of Baby June!

Lee said...

Button, button, who's got the button? Elementary school step = game = memories.

It's a good thing I just finished lunch, or I'd be sorely tempted by those p-nut butter cookies - Nick is allergic so we never have them...and... no oven, so go ahead, lol, tempt me.

Hmmm, I see white pile of string on black background maybe = spider web !!! And that word plethora - when I first came to my church, pastor used it ALL-THE-TIME!

Sarah said...

Phew - I'm not the only one behind on my GC blocks - after the bazaar this weekend I hope I can get back to a regular schedule and catch up...

Barb in Mi said...

Love your colors for the Grandmothers Choice blocks - you will be caught up in a jiffy!!
And your present is lovely - enjoy!

Vicki H. said...

such beautiful blocks. I am so wild about buttons, by the pound, that's awesome!!
I made peanut butter cookies for a bake sale and they are so good. I need to make some to keep!! But not on the diet so I am trying to stay away form the peanut butter jar!!

Dar said...

Oh you are the lucky one to get such a nice present in the mail. The fall colors are beautiful. You know I think the "Baking bug" must be making the rounds. I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday for my DH (his favorite) and tonight decided to try a new recipe for me (you know I can't eat his, so had to make more). They made the house smell so yummy.

Mommarock said...

What wonderful fun. My mother used to collect all her buttons in a cookie tin, and I only now wish that I were smart enough to snag that tin.

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my, look at all those lovely buttons!! Your cookies look yummy, too.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love Peanut Butter Cookies and haven't made any in such a long time.

I like the Halloween wall hanging.
Mama Bear

Kate said...

Buttons are such fun and you've got a lot of fun in that haul.

If it makes you feel any better I'm at leat 5 blocks behind as well on the Grandmother's Choice blocks too. They are proving a bit more challengeing than I anticipated!