Friday, August 10, 2012

furry babies . . .

For today's Feline Friday, I thought I'd finish up sharing the cats I came across on my vacation travels.  These sweet little fur-babies live with my sister in Virginia.  The first is "Dipstick". 
I'm sure you can see how she got her name!!  That tail just *cracked* me up!  She was a real sweetheart and loved to be loved.  

This is "Fluffy-Puffy".  As you can imagine, she was named by Lucy when she was a five-year-old.  Reminds me very much of the name her mommy gave her first cat . . . "Tony-Tail".  Hahaha!
Fluffy-Puffy pretty much laid up in the kitchen window all day long.  What was funny was that the two cats had a funny arrangement worked out.  Fluffy-Puffy spent the day inside and Dipstick spent the day outside.  At night, Dipstick would come cry at the living room window ... when she did, Fluffy-Puffy would come running.  Julia would open the window and we watched the changing of the guard.  Dipstick would come in and Fluffy-Puffy would go out.  Then in the morning, when the front door was opened for the first time, they'd switch up again (and Fluffy-Puffy would head back to the kitchen window by way of her food bowl).

While we were there, we also found evidence that both cats are good mousers, too!  LOL!  Linking up with Sarah Did It! and Feline Friday -- go check it out!

Closest I'm coming to having fur-babies of my own is these guys . . .
Finally, the mamas are bringing the babies out!  They were such fun to watch yesterday afternoon. But as much as I'd love to gather 'em up for a hug and a pet, the safest distance is the one that has the RV window between me and them!!  

Happy Friday . . . and don't forget to check back tomorrow for the reveal of my third "squishy" and a giveaway!  


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Cathy said...

Such pretty kitties, and that includes the racoons, too. I love the commercial, not actually sure what it's selling, where the woman can't see properly, and asks the raccoon to come in the house, instead of the cat. I loved what was in your squishies. You seem to have the greatest luck when it comes to winning give aways.

Janet O. said...

Dipstick is a hoot! And I love the story of the changing of the guard.
The raccoons? Not so much. They have ravaged my garden on too many occasions and I have come to view them as the bandits they mimic in their masks. : )

Sarah said...

Is Dipstick completely white other than the tail? Gorgeous! Funny changing of the gaurd story - at least they figured out how to get along. Thanks for linking in!

Jean(ie) said...

You're correct in keeping your distance. Be watchful with the RV. They can get into some mischief.