Wednesday, August 08, 2012

i've got to count it *all*????

My shower got off to a very slow start this morning.  I have a little ritual.  I step into the stall, close the door, turn the shower nozzle off to the side, and turn on the hot water.  Once the water starts to get warm, I turn on the cold, adjust to the perfect temp, and put the shower nozzle back to center.

This morning, when I turned on the hot water, I realized that the pressure was very low.  And the water wasn't all that hot, either.  And when I turned on the cold water, nothing changed.

Uh oh.

Still, I'm the queen of positive thinking, so I went ahead and stuck my head under the . . . so-called running water and pushed on.  Usually the first thing I do is wet and lather up my hair, but as positive as I try to be, I've also got a good dose of reality about me and I chose to get my hair wet, but not soapy.  Common sense definitely paid off.  I was lucky enough to get my face washed (and all my Lever 2000 parts as well) before the water trickled down to a, well, trickle.  By the time I shut off the water, there wasn't more than a drip coming from the shower head.


I'd just brushed my teeth before getting into the shower, so I went back to the sink and tried the water, thinking maybe it was a shower connection problem.  Nothing.

I'd just washed dishes prior to brushing my teeth, so I walked down to the kitchen sink and flipped the handle there, thinking perhaps it was a bathroom connection problem.  Nothing.

Then I panicked.  What if the connection to the RV had come loose or broken and there was inches of water pumping into the RV basement?!?!  (Oh the horror -- that's where my stash of UFO's and quilt kits and batting is stored!!) I ran limped really quickly outside and around to the back to check.  Nothing.


Unfortunately, it meant I had to greet my sweet husband this morning, when he came home off shift, with, "Honey, we don't have water."

After checking the breaker to the well pump and checking the connection to the RV, he determined it's the pump.  Great.  Or, worst case scenario, the well is dry. Greater.  LOL!  After a couple of calls, we've got a repairman headed up to the camp this afternoon, so hopefully we'll get it resolved soon.  In the meantime, we keep our fresh water tank filled (for the toilets) and several gallons of water on hand for 'such a time as this' so it's all good.

And at this point, I'm also celebrating the fact that I didn't put a load of laundry in first thing this morning like I'd intended to.  Because if I had, there wouldn't be clean dishes, clean teeth, or a clean Denise, when you get right down to it.  And I suppose it's better that it happened on an innocuous Wednesday than on a weekend ... all our weekends are booked up at the Camp and the well provides all the water.  No water on a weekend wouldn't be good.  *Especially* if it was the weekend we're the venue for a wedding event!  

So I guess I can count this a joy, too.  I can ... I will ... and I am.  It's all good.


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Jean(ie) said...

ok, so I saw the title and immediately thought about you having to count that fabric...LOL! Thank God for blessings like freshwater tanks and being prepared! That saved our hineys in the wintertime we spent in Arkansas. We had many days without regular water with the constant ice storms that year.

Sarah said...

I also thought for sure this was going to be a post about counting all your new stash. My bad!
On the otherhand, yes, things did work out well to be middle of the week with minimal complications. Fingers crossed the repairman can get you back in gear soon.

Linda in Calif. said...

Yep, me too, I thought at first it was counting fabric. In your shoes, I too would be praising God for clean teeth and a bit of a shower. So much better to face the day clean. I do hope your repairman gets things going again quickly.

Michelle said...

Good for you for finding the "joy" in everything. It is definitely a good reminder for us all...especially me at this moment when many things seem to be falling apart. God is good!

Lisa Leggett said...

Oh my goodness! What a way to start the day! I hope you get the water issues resolved quickly and inexpensively! Here's to a better Thursday!

Teresa in Music City said...

Well, that can make life seem a little "dry" and bland :*) Praying water will be restored quickly!!! God's timing is amazing isn't it? He wanted a clean Denise too it seems :*)

Lee said...

Sounds like I'm in good company with my first thoughts based on your title. And as slow as I am took even longer for the title to sink in! Sure pray it's an easy & quick 'fix' to get your water back up and running ;)

Janet O. said...

Yes, play the glad game along with Pollyanna. Be grateful you, your teeth and your dishes got clean. Life never gets dull, does it? : )

Dirt Road Quilter said...

HaHa! I immediately thought your post title referred to fabric as well! You and I would get along famously! Friends and family couldn't understand why I was not upset when we were without water, but it's all about perspective. I love that you have chosen to see the blessings. May your water be running very quickly!

Michelle said...

Hope they get it taken care of soon - being without water always throws me for a loop.

Mary said...

I'm glad you found the JOY! Being clean is good. Hope the pump problem is fixed PRONTO! The reality of living in an RV, I guess.