Friday, August 17, 2012

singing, smiling, all the way through . . .

♪♫ It's ♪♫ Friday ♪♫, it's ♪♫ Friday ♪♫!!  (Can you hear me singing?  I so TOTALLY am!)  I don't know why it makes a difference to me -- it's not like I carted my happy self off to work every day this week and Friday signals the end . . . it's just a lifetime of conditioning!  Friday = good!

Of course, it could be that it's Feline Friday I'm so excited about!  I thought I'd share Leia and her reaction to Sarah's gift of the catnip toy ... the homemade toy filled with homegrown catnip. 

Leia was most intrigued--and appreciative!  I'm linking on up with Sarah's Feline Friday.  Sarah's also hosting a hexie linkie party today -- the inaugural posting!  In honor of that, I'll post a pic of the only hexie quilt something I possess -- this beautiful, unfinished Grandmother's Garden top that my own darling grandma started some years ago.  
Someday I'll brave enough to finish it up and get it quilted!  I think Sarah's my inspiration and enabler encourager in that regard!!

And I think Sarah also said something about 500 POSTS and celebrating that with a giveaway, too!  WOW!  Definitely worth a visit to Sarah's today!  Be sure to check out BOTH of the linkie parties!

And yesterday Ellie had a little cucumber and had her first little bit of kiwi!
She's getting better and better about picking up her food and actually getting it into her mouth.  Although it's plain to see, the fun is still on her face!  :)

Last night's guild meeting was a blast.

As always, Show and Tell was my favorite part.  I adore this little jack-o-lantern hanging.
So CUTE!  I think I may have to get the pattern for this one!

This sweet little quilt was a gift -- sent to her from one of the Flickr quilt groups she participates in -- after her home was badly damaged in a house fire earlier this year.
As the note was read -- the note that came with the surprise quilt -- there weren't too many dry eyes in the house, including my own.  What a sweet testimony to the friendships and bonds that we forge with our online communities.  Makes me appreciate all y'all all the more.  {{{{hugs!}}}}

And finally, this is the prettiest quilt I've ever had a hand in (even if it was just putting together a handful of the string blocks).  
This is the quilt our board worked together on--and the 1st VP coordinated and did the hard part of putting it together--for our outgoing President.  It's based on Bonnie Hunter's String-X quilt.  Gracious, only it's HUGE!!  And lovely -- just absolutely lovely!  (Side note here:  the 1st VP who coordinated, sewed, and was ultimately responsible for this beautiful piece of work was the same woman whose house was so badly fire-damaged.  She's a pretty industrious and strong woman!)

And I went home with a sweet surprise, too!  The outgoing President gave each of her board members a sweet gift ... 
Isn't that fun?  It's a Mug Bucket, from Bucket's Gone Wild!  I have the perfect mug ready and waiting, too!

One final happy to share . . . the book I reviewed and gave away yesterday, Almost Amish?  Guess what?  If you *didn't* win, you STILL CAN!!  
For today, it's being offered by both Amazon (Kindle) and Christian Book Distributors (for Kindle, Nook, and others) as a FREEBIE!  And even if you don't have a Kindle or Nook, you can download a reading app for your home computer and read it there!  I found a way to make EVERYONE a winner!  Yay!!  

And happy Friday!!


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Teresa in Music City said...

Thanks! Just went over to Amazon and snapped up the book :*) Ellie looks so sweet and seems to be enjoying that snack. Our Hudson is beginning to eat finger foods too. They grow up so fast!!!

Barbara B said...

Thanks, Denise--I just added the book to my Ipad--lots of reading in my immediate future!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Thanks Denise, I just downloaded the book to my smart phone. It's been great to have the books on my phone if I find I have to wait some place or happen to be eating out by myself.

Mary said...

The catnip was certaily a hit! I love Friday's too.

Jean(ie) said...

If you want to see something really fun, sprinkle catnip on the floor. One of my favorite cat bloggers does that and it just drives them wild. Leia sure has the "machine paw" action going...LOL!

I bet that cucumber felt good on Ellie's gums... She must be teething. She looks like she's gnawing on it with a passion!

Barbara F. said...

As usual, I leave here smiling and happy and singing, too, that Ellie is just the cutest sweetest baby. I am going to download the book, and I love all the 'show & tell' goodies. Do any of the quilting ladies sell items? I love the mug cozy. xo

Amy said...

How wonderful to have that unfinished quilt from your grandmother. I enjoyed the quilt pic's.

Linda in Calif. said...

Ellie sure is cute. I wonder if she liked the Kiwi much more than the cucumber.

Missy Shay said...

The quilt is beautiful!

Sarah said...

Yeh - Leia liked it! She looks like a little boxer the way she was batting at it. She is such a beautiful cat.

Your grandmothers quilt is quite pretty and in one of my fav colors - yellow! You're right tho, she wasn't doing EPP - are there penciled stitch lines? I would think that if you really wanted to find hexie papers the same size as her work they would blend right in if you wanted.

Great gift from your outgoing Prez!

Kate said...

Fun video. Lovely Grandmother Flower Garden quilt.