Thursday, August 09, 2012

lagging . . .

It's been a very busy day and I didn't get to my blogging as early as I meant to. Good news -- my morning shower routine took place as normal -- a simple replacement of the switch on the well pump and we were back in action. Yay!! I spent this morning with my Sawyer-cherub.  Such fun!  I love knocking on their front door . . . as soon as I knocked I could hear Sawyer inside, "Neesey's here! Neesey's here!"  Oh how that makes this ol' gramma smile!!

Thought I'd go ahead and share my fun squishies I teased y'all with on Tuesday. Or at least two of the three!  (The third one I'll share on Saturday -- as a giveaway!!)

One was from my darling friend Sarah, of Sarah Did It
I'd guessed the closest in both the amount she spent and the yardage she bought in a little shopping spree.  I think she called me "creepy" because I was just .50 under her amount and was right on for the yardage!  Hahaha.  I've told her before we have "same brain"!
Anyway, she was sending on the FQs I'd won ... purple and teacups!  Yup, we're same-brain!  But that wasn't all.  This little box was filled with tons of lovely goodies!

I was so tickled with this little zipper pouch ... that she MADE ... and then found it was filled with some sweet treasures, too!  Darling little scissors, hexie template papers and bitty-baby binder clips!  How fun is that?

And then this fun little pouch (again -- that she made!) with maple syrup teas! The teas are done ... I drank them at the beginning of the week and they were marvelous!

Sarah and I are both big tea drinkers ... another of our commonalities.  She sent me two of her favorites.  Some loose-leaf Sevenberry Sangria (which was marvelous and brews into this lovely, deep fuchsia color and I imagine will be awesome when served cold, too) . . . 

And a box of Bengal Spice . . . a Celestial Seasonings herbal tea, which has a fun, gingery zing to it!!  

Like me, Sarah's also a cat person (she's the host of Feline Fridays - one of my favorite link-ups) and she sent along this darling little cat treat ... a cat nip toy. One she made ... and filled with homegrown cat nip, to boot!  She blogs the process here.  This one is going to Leia -- I can't wait to take it to her tomorrow -- chances are pretty good it will be the focus of next week's Feline Friday post!

She included a sweet postcard, from her camping trip in the Adirondacks, some very interesting info on cinnamon chip scones, and a catalog on hexie templates. Because she's an enabler.  LOL!  

And it was all topped off with a purple quilty bag!  Yay!!  What an *awesome* squishy package!

My second squishy came totally out of the blue.  It came from my darling friend, Kris, who was my Secret Santa last year.  She's the Santa who doesn't quit!  Kris blogs over at Lavender Quilts and is one of the sweetest, cheeriest ladies I know.

Oooh!  A package in a package ... how fun is that?  And so pretty, too!

Inside?  Two sweet fat quarters - with teapots all over them!  Aren't they fun? And her sweet note read:  "Hi Sweet Thing -- I thought you "needed" some of this darling fabric.  Hugs, Kris"
What a lovely, lovely and thoughtful squishy.  How blessed am I to have such tremendous bloggy, quilty friends?  



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Barbara F. said...

See how much you're loved?! Can't wait to see the quilted runners or place mats with the cute teapots on them :-) xo

Teresa in Music City said...

You are indeed very blessed and very loved :*) I bet it felt like Christmas!!! What fun - wow!!! I'm hopping over now to find out how to make that adorable little cat toy :*)

Editfolt said...

Beauty packages.

Janet O. said...

This is too much fun in one mail drop! What a delightful package from Sarah. She is great--and an enabler--loved that! : )
I'm not a big tea drinker--just a little herb tea now and then. But when I do indulge, that Bengal Spice is at the top of the list!

Sarah said...

LOVE those teapot fabrics! Was there a selvage? I would love to know who made them.

I am not sure that I was calling *you* creepy so much as your *guess* was creepily close. LOL.

And once upon a time I asked if you wanted me to send you some yes, I AM an enabler and I will spread my hexie obsssion far and wide. I am even working with my LQS to start a hexie social club :^)

Love Bears All Things said...

Lovely gifts....I like the Tea Pot fabric.
Mama Bear

Love Bears All Things said...

Lovely gifts....I like the Tea Pot fabric.
Mama Bear

Karen O said...

How fun! I just ordered that exact teacup fabric by Lily Asbury. And I am with Sarah, what line are the pots from Kris from?

Melissa Labella said...

Ahh, the Teavana bag I recognize. I soooo wish we had one closer than 2.5 hours away. Ordering on line is just not the same experience as smelling all the lovely fragrances in the store. Of that I am a little jealous, just a little :0) Enjoy your tea and squishies!