Friday, August 24, 2012

loaded . . .

With pictures, that is.  With so much going on over the past couple of days I've found I've taken loads of pics ... and since a picture's worth a thousand words (or so they say), I figure I can recap in pictures and leave the words  most some of the words out.  Makes scrolling a little faster, anyway!  I'll get to the Color Theory course, soon, I promise.  Just not today (and obviously not yesterday)!

Had a lovely visit with Ellie and Jocelyn on Wednesday.  
Such a sweet little face and smile.  Ellie just grows more darling each week!
And she grows more agile, too, evidently.  Get it, Ellie!  Nosh that foot!

I picked Sawyer up for a visit yesterday morning.  We finally figured out a good place for him to sit and eat.
The bench seats are too low (or the table is too high, one) to make dining comfortable for him. The wicker ottoman and little bench stool are just right, though!

I've been playing with a couple of different things . . . 
I so liked playing with leftover pieces of Joc's wedding quilt for Jane's doll swap quilt, that I played around with some for me, too.
Perhaps I need to finish Joc's quilt, first?  LOL!

And Janet, from Rogue Quilter, had posted a sweet little piece she'd done -- a mini-rail fence -- that just captivated me.
I already had 2-1/2 inch strips cut of some fabric that I ended up not using and so I cut it down some more and laid it out.  Yes.  This is a definite yes.

Inspiration comes from all sorts of places.  This is a poster hanging on the wall of my Sunday School classroom.
I think it would make a darling mini or topper.  Yes, that one's in the near future, too!

Last night we had a Ladies' Movie Night.  We watched The Women.  
Oh.My.Gosh.  It's a hilarious movie!!  It's an oldie -- and a black & white to boot -- but funny as all get out and pretty relevant for today's women, too.  And not a single man in the whole cast.  Fun, fun stuff.

Todd and his dad took off *very* early this morning to get in a little father-son fishing time.  So early that they were already on the lake when the sun finally made an appearance . . .
And what an appearance, right?  Just lovely -- the kind of loveliness that makes you aware of the goodness of God's good creation and handiwork!

And finally, what would a Friday be without a little feline in it?  Compliments of Leia (and her dresser, Jocelyn):
You may have noticed that this is what Ellie was wearing in her first picture.
I don't think Leia appreciates the hand-me-downs.
But it is good to know she's a size 6-9 months ... just in case.  Nice mane action there, Leia!

Linking up with Sarah Did It! and Feline Friday!  Y'all have a GREAT one -- I'm getting ready for our first Camp MACOBA wedding!!


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Janet O. said...

You are one busy woman!
What a sweet little punkin chewing on her toes! : )
I bet Sawyer loves that table just for him.
Your Wedding Quilt leftovers are making beautiful things--and I am loving your fabrics on your little rail fence piece. Go for it!
The Women. I used to have that movie on VHS (you should see my old movie collection--well, maybe you shouldn't. The size is embarrassing!). Aren't they quite the catty things?
Love the sun over the water--so soothing!
I tended a wee babe once that was IMPOSSIBLE to get dressed. The dad said dressing her was like trying to put Barbie clothes on a cat. So right--maybe this wasn't quite as hard.

Jean(ie) said...

** snort **

Leia does not look happy in that! LOL! Poor thing. She'll start running from you, ya know...LOL

Ellie is just growing by leaps and bounds.

Sunrises and sunsets are the best!

Missy Shay said...

The baby is adorable, and it is always fun to dress up cats. I keep threatening to make a tutu for my pippi. :)

Teresa in Music City said...

What sweet grandbaby pics! Was there ever a time when I could put my foot in my mouth? Other than figuratively of course hehehe!!! Isn't it wonderful how we find the most ingenious ways to meet the needs of our little ones? Sawyer looks very happy with his very own table. Love your playtime with blocks - yummy fabrics! Poor Leia! Her dignity has been seriously damaged. Her expression says, "Could someone please see this and come rescue me?" LOL!!!!

Mary said...

You've been busy gadding about and having fun with your Grands and ladies night too. Never saw that Video but I know some of the names on the cover. I like your swap quilt in the works. Borrowed usually means you'll give/put it back eventually...LOL Nice Sunrise! Poor Leia. I've not even tried to dress a cat.

Barbara F. said...

Adorable photos of those adorable grands, and what a fun idea ladies' movie night! Might decide to host one here. That cat is hysterical in! xo

Kate said...

Ellie is definitiely a cutie!

You've been busy. Fun blocks on your design surfaces.

Connie said...

I really had to laugh when I saw Leia in Ellie's hand me downs! Too cute! The grand kids are sure growing and love your blocks!

Sarah said...

Loaded is 100% correct with so many good photos. The grands are growing like weeds. The new doll quilts are adorable. I think I've seen the modern/color version of "The Women." And poor, poor Leia wearing her stickybeans clothes... She obviously sat still long enuf for Joc to get her dressed. Was she that desperate for attention? LOL.

Sarah said...
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