Sunday, August 19, 2012

nothing ventured, nothing gained; stash report #33 . . .

Well I think the title says it all . . .

Used/donated this week: 0 yards
Used/donated year-to-date: 24.75 yards
Purchased/added this week: 0 yards
Purchased/added year-to-date: 111.25 yards
Net used/donated for 2012: -86.5 yards

So yeah . . . I didn't get anything completed this week BUT ... I *did* finish my de-cluttering process!  Yay!!  The last thing on my list was the most dreaded thing -- the back bunk room aka the quilting room.  Whew!  I finally tackled it yesterday and finished it up tonight.  I'm worn out but very happy it's finished!  Now I just need to "de-clutter" my car.  That's where everything is that I didn't toss or give away -- waiting on a yard sale next week.  *sigh*  

Of course, now that it's all tidy and my stash is back in order, my creative juices can flow again!  Yay!  And I certainly didn't add to my stash this week either, for a change.  Joc did -- she pretty much bought out the store finishing up her Ellie's weeks fabrics!  LOL!  Better her than me, right?  And speaking of which, here's week thirty-one:
Such a sunny, happy girl!  The Raggedy Ann fabric is in honor of Joc's college society, the Eunomians!

I'm going to link up with Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times for the weekly stash reporting.  Looking very forward to Design Wall Monday!!!


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Kate said...

Congrats on getting the decluttering done. I'm working getting my stash into some type of order, but it's a slow process.

Love Ellie's picture this week. Very cute.

Sarah said...

Miss EB is growing like a week! My Mom would love the Raggedy Ann fabric.

Dar said...

Congrats on decluttering your sewing room. Wish I could say the same. It seems I just don't have enough hours in the day!! The good thing is when you are cleaning out a space, it keeps you from shopping for more "stuff" to fill it up!!